Your Review – It Ran For Few Years And Had Good Prices For Its Products did not look like the best online pharmacy in the market given its seized status. Last time I checked this online drugstore, there was nothing on the platform except for the huge “this domain is now seized” message from the US government and Europol, which indicates that the Your Best Pharmacy store is now gone. According to the generic message plastered on the Your Best Pharmacy wall, the shop was seized due to its involvement in selling counterfeit products online. While I find the government commendable for executing such a huge effort in cornering illicit online drugstores, the government is not 100% correct in its accusations on online pharmacies.

For the record, this is not me defending Your Best Pharmacy – for all I know, the shop may have really sold counterfeits, but honestly, there is very little proof that the store did sell fake medicines online. I mean, the government can’t provide any hard evidence that Your Best Pharmacy was indeed a supplier of counterfeit medicines online. The US government just decided that Your Best Pharmacy was an illegal store, then boom, off with its domain. It’s sad that online pharmacies get prematurely shut down by the government only because they are in the way of big drug company sales. This has been going on for a while, and consumers can’t really do anything about this but to move on with their lives and look for new online drugstores to use when their go-to online store is seized by the government.

The shop Your Best Pharmacy is only one of the thousands of generic pharmacy services online. This online pharmacy had website captures on the web archive since November 2011, which means that the shop has existed for some time before it was closed down by the government. Not many online pharmacies make it past a year, but the shop managed to sell generic treatments to the whole world for several years.

Your Best Pharmacy had a hefty product line-up and the store did offer a lot of products to its consumers. Medicines for impotence were the ones under the spotlight, but Your Best Pharmacy also had other medicines, like for instance, skin care treatments, pain relief medicines, cancer treatments, and a lot more. Since products on Your Best Pharmacy were generic medicines, the cost of these products was so much lower than the local drugstore prices for the brand name counterparts of these medications.

Prescriptions were required on Your Best Pharmacy, which means that buyers were unable to order if they have failed to send their Rx to Your Best Pharmacy since the shop expects the Rx before they approve the order processing. This was not really necessary for most online drugstores, but somehow, Your Best Pharmacy was one of the few stores which asked the buyers for valid Rx for their orders.

Now that Your Best Pharmacy is closed, there is really nothing much to say about the store. Your Best Pharmacy did not also have customer reviews (the third-party ones anyway), so it’s also difficult to assess if Your Best Pharmacy offered good service to its consumers in the past or not. Reviews

The only reviews available for Your Best Pharmacy were the ones found on-site. Your Best Pharmacy did have “good” testimonials for its service, but since these comments were only from the store, they were not really reliable and may be biased towards the web pharmacy.

Your Best Pharmacy Reviews
Your Best Pharmacy Reviews

According to most of the buyers with their comments on-site stated that Your Best Pharmacy was able to fulfill their orders properly. Most of the consumers confirmed that they have received their orders fro Your Best Pharmacy. In some cases, buyers were also grateful for the low prices and the discounts (or freebies) that they were able to avail on Your Best Pharmacy. In most cases, buyers declared their intent to order again from the web pharmacy.

Despite the good nature of the comments available for Your Best Pharmacy on-site, these comments were not 100% trustworthy since they were only from the website. Reviews 2018

Since Your Best Pharmacy was seized before the year 2018, there weren’t any reviews available for Your Best Pharmacy in 2018. Naturally, since buyers weren’t able to purchase from the shop when it was seized, there were no other opportunities for the buyers to review the website.

Despite this, I am still disappointed that the Your Best Pharmacy store failed to have third-party reviews for its service especially since it ran for years on the web. I think Your Best Pharmacy was unpopular and hence was unable to gain buyer reviews, or perhaps the store did have third-party reviews but remained inaccessible on the web due to low optimization. Coupon Codes

There weren’t any coupon codes on Your Best Pharmacy, but the store had the following discounts in place:

  • Free shipping: buyers with orders of more than $200 were given free regular shipping for their products
  • Free pills: customers able to purchase medicines in certain quantities were given access to free pills
  • Bulk order discounts: the more a person purchases from Your Best Pharmacy, the lower the prices of the products


Your Best Pharmacy was a former web pharmacy that’s now seized by the government. While the store is now nothing but a glaring seizure notice, the proof of it being an illegal store isn’t available on the web. However, the store did not also have good reviews for its service and only had on-site comments instead of reliable third-party reviews.

Your Best Pharmacy was such a waste – it ran for a few years and had good prices for its products, but still ended up closing down and without any buyer attention.

Sharon Hawkins

About the Author: Sharon Hawkins

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