Xlpharmacy.com Review – Online Drug Referral Website with Unreliable Reviews

Xlpharmacy.com was an online referral store of commonly purchased branded and generic medicines. They offered medicines on their website and if a consumer orders it, the order will be forwarded to their partner pharmacies for processing and delivery. From their website information, it shows that this medicine referral website started operating in 2004 and closed down in 2012. This referral website was located in Seychelles but their partner pharmacies were from around the globe.

For the medicines they offer, we are unable to find a list of the medicines they had. The list of medicines offered by XL Pharmacy website is no longer obtainable. What we found is the list of bestseller medicines they had such as sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Oral Jellies, Amoxicillin, Orlistat, Tamoxifen, Diclofenac, Bupropion, Azithromycin, Tretinoin, Finasteride, and Atorvastatin among others. The first three medicines are erectile dysfunction drugs.

For sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra), they offered it for $0.83 per pill. They also offered Tadalafil (generic Cialis) for $1.19 per tablet and Vardenafil or generic Levitra was offered for $1.67 per pill. The also offered Kamagra and Caverta.

For ordering, a customer can place an order thru online, by going to Xlpharmacy.com and doing the process, thru chat or asking the chat support representative to complete the order and thru phone. For their numbers, they were reachable thru 808 238 7573 and 1 800 186 421. Their toll-free number was 1 866 514 2571. These numbers were the same numbers that consumers call in case they have queries or questions about the service or product that Xlpharmacy offered.

Almost all types of credit cards were accepted by this online referral service. They accepted Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, JBC, and AmEx. All payments are processed in dollars. Customers can choose between Express Shipping and Standard Registered Mail when it comes to shipping method. Express Shipping takes up to 10 days for the order to be delivered and Registered Air Mail takes up to 25 business days. European Union customers were not eligible for Air Mail Shipping. The pricing for each shipping method was not available. A signature was required for both deliveries. Among the guarantees that Xlpharmacy gave to their customers were:

  • Unsatisfied customers have 30 days to return package and request refund or reshipping of order
  • Lost orders will be resent free of charge
  • If a customer finds a website with a lower offer, they will match the said price
  • They ship real or genuine medicines only

Xlpharmacy.com Reviews

Finding reviews from third-party websites is our main goal and for  Xlpharmacy.com, it is what they had.

XLPharmacy.com Reviews

For the first review, it was from a customer who said he waited too long for his order to arrive. He provided his address in case Xlphrmacy decides to send it.

The second review we found was from a customer who said that he never received his ordered medicines after paying $250. He said he tried to contact them but did not receive any answer so he was hoping for a refund.

XLPharmacy.com Reviews

From a different third-party review site, we found another review for Xlpharmacy. The 2-star rating was given because he said it is no longer working. He gave a different website in case some people are looking for a website to trust. Luckily, one customer of Xlpharmacy left them a 5-star rating saying that he was a loyal customer and had been using this website for the last few years. He said it was reliable and the medicines they offer were affordable.

The reviews of Xlpharmacy.com were mixed as their overall rating is good at 6.25/10. This could have been a good sign for this website, however, in a business where competition is tight, a few negative reviews will really cause a website’s downfall.

Xlpharmacy.com Reviews 2018

With Official Drugstore being closed down before 2018, we are unable to find any new reviews associated with this e-store. The information we gathered through the internet archive is also limited as some information are no longer available.

Xlpharmacy.com Coupon Codes

In 2015, we found a coupon code that was released by Xlpharmacy.com. The coupon code gave 10% discount off.

Xlpharmacy.com Coupon Codes

The code which was ‘neu6Wt386N’ can be used on all orders when it was released. Aside from the 65% discount that most customers of Xlpharmacy.com are saving, they can still get 10% off by using this coupon code.


Xlpharmacy.com was a referral center that helps customers have access to cheaper medicines from around the world. They partnered with legal pharmacies and assisted consumers to get genuine medicines for their daily needs. They offered convenient shipping and payment methods that customers can use and they offered guaranteed shipping to assure customers that they will receive what they paid for. After operating for almost a decade, we are sad to say that Xlpharmacy.com service is no longer available.

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