Weightloss-pharmacy.net Review – An Online Pharmacy with Very Few Customer Reviews

Weightloss-pharmacy.net is the pharmacy I am going to be reviewing in this article. After doing an extensive research about this vendor, I have been able to gather some information that I would be sharing with you in this article. This pharmacy operates from Mauritius and it appears it started operating in 2013. From its name, it is evident that it sells weight loss pills. However, weight loss pills are not the only drug sold on this platform. They sell several other drugs for the use of various treatments. They sell drugs for Pain, Migraine, Blood Pressure, Hepatitis C, women’s Health, Erectile Dysfunction etc. As I am inclined to the pricing of the drugs sold on this pharmacy’s website, I checked to see what price this pharmacy offers erectile dysfunction drugs. Moreover, the popular erectile dysfunction meds on their website are Kamagra, a Viagra generic, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis. These drugs are sold by this pharmacy at $4.9, $1.29, and $1 per pill respectively. Not bad, I guess! They have stated on their website that the drugs sold are FDA approved. This implies there shouldn’t be any worries about the safety or efficacy of the medication.

Furthermore, the payment methods accepted by this website as I found in their FAQ section are Credit Card; Visa and its derivatives, Bank Transfer, and Western Union. As for the shipment methods, this pharmacy makes use of Royal Posts for shipments within EU and Registered Airmail and EMS Courier for shipments outside EU. The cost and timing have not been revealed. This is probably because shipping cost varies with the product you purchase. In other words, no specific charge. Not to worry, we would know for sure if their shipping service is reliable from the feedbacks of customers. Note that this vendor has boldly displayed it on their website that they do not ship to the United States.

In addition, I was able to try their live chat service out to see that it truly works. I have made a screenshot of my chat, check it below.

Weightloss-pharmacy.net Live Chat Service Image

You can also contact them by email through [email protected].

Regarding refunds, this pharmacy has not said anything about refunding to customers. However, they have stated that you would get a free reshipment if you do not get your order within 30 days. Note that this is contingent upon the fact that you did not enter the wrong address.

Weightloss-pharmacy.net Reviews

Weightloss-pharmacy.net Testimonial

To get a perfect idea of the quality of the services of this pharmacy, I decide to search for customer reviews that express the experiences buying meds from this vendor. You should know that there isn’t much customer review of the pharmacy. Here I would be sharing with you two customer reviews from the few I saw scrolling on their homepage. Note that these reviews should not be completely trusted since they are part of the contents on this vendors website. I mean they could have as well published it themselves so you never know if they are really authentic.

Weightloss-pharmacy.net Feedback

Gregh is the reviewer here, he talks good about this vendor. He tells us that the products sold by this vendor are efficacious and they are delivered timely. He says “it’s very nice ordering” from this vendor.

Gurry is the second reviewer. He also expresses satisfaction with the services of this vendor. He tells us it was his “first time” using this vendor. He says his delivery came in as quick as “6 days”.

Weightloss-pharmacy.net Reviews 2018

Determining the past reputation of a pharmacy doesn’t suffice. We have to try finding out if this pharmacy has maintained a good reputation over the years. We have to know how well it is performing at the moment so we can determine if it is safe patronizing them at the moment. To do this I went in search of even more recent reviews. Luckily, I was able to find an independent review that was dropped in 2017. Here is the screenshot of the review below.

Weightloss-pharmacy.net Customer Review

Cherry is the reviewer in this screenshot. Giving this vendor a 5-star rating she commends the quality of their drugs. Saying that they are a “worth able pharmacy”. I think she means to say they are worth trying.

The fact that this was the only external review I found implies the pharmacy hasn’t gained much popularity.

Weightloss-pharmacy.net Coupon Codes

Special Offer
Special Offer

I also checked for discounts offered by this vendor. I found two on their website. One was expired and the other was not specific. Most online pharmacies do offer a lot of discounts to customers. It appears this vendor doesn’t place too much importance on offering customers coupons.

This other screenshot I saw on their website guarantees a special offer when you make purchases of 300 pills. Though they have not specified what the special offer is, you can try ordering to cover a long period so you can get access to this special offer from this vendor.


Weightloss-pharmacy.net is a pharmacy with low prices, but not without a drawback. It does not have sufficient discount offers for customers. Is also does not have sufficient customer reviews as well. The customer reviews about this vendor are very few.

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