Copy of 786 Webmedqualityshop Review – Seized After Operating for 4 Years was a former online pharmacy that has become a government-seized website. It’s not hard to see that the store’s domain was seized by the government because instead of the web pharmacy, there was nothing on the domain instead of the warning message from the government stating that Web Med Quality Shop was one of the online sellers reprimanded due to their possible involvement in selling counterfeit medications to web consumers.

While I’m sure the government means good by axing generic web operators online, they may be rather unjust towards these stores given their hidden agreements with existing massive drug companies. Often, there’s a collaboration between the government and these companies to eliminate small players in the online business. When taken together, small drug operators (like for instance, Web Med Quality Shop) can slightly influence the influx of profits to larger companies. Since most buyers (especially those who are financially strained) would prefer low-cost medications over expensive local pharmacy drugs.

What I’m trying to say here is not that the government shut down a good store – I think it’s still difficult to figure out what kind of shop Web Med Quality Shop was before – I just believe that the government, in collaboration with large drug companies, is deliberately shutting down online pharmacies, even the good ones.

As for Web Med Quality Shop, the store was a typical online pharmacy. Its product line-up included mostly generic medicines manufactured in India (the largest manufacturer of generic products in the world) and included meds for a wide range of medical conditions. Web Med Quality Shop had a dedicated categories list, which is a list of meds grouped according to medical conditions served and arranged in alpha order. The store also had a search function which buyers may have used when they were sure about the generic or brand name of the drug they were looking for.

Some of the best-selling items on Web Med Quality Shop were the following meds:

  • Generic Abilify: sold as low as $3.39 per pill
  • Generic Cialis Daily: sold as low as $1.00 per pill
  • Generic Levitra Oral Jelly: sold as low as $3.00 per sachet
  • Generic Viagra: sold as low as $0.69 per pill

Although it may seem that most of the medicines on Web Med Quality Shop were for impotence, the shop also had products for osteoporosis, pain management, cholesterol management, and others. All Web Med Quality Shop products were Indian FDA certified according to the shop, so buyers had no need to worry about the quality of the products they’re purchasing from the store.

Prescriptions were required and the buyers were asked to send their Rx copies via email or facsimile so their orders may be processed accordingly. In case of questions, Web Med Quality Shop has offered a live chat support function, so customers with concerns were probably able to reach out to Web Med Quality Shop easily. However, now that Web Med Quality Shop’s gone, it’s hard to tell if buyers were still able to reach out to the online pharmacy. Reviews

Zero reviews exist for Web Med Quality Shop and that’s just disappointing. Even if Web Med Quality Shop ran from 2012 until the end of 2016, the store did not have any online references from its former clients or people who were able to purchase products from the store.

Web Med Quality Shop having no reviews does not necessarily mean that it was a scam store (although it’s not impossible) – the store may be too unpopular that’s why it did not have reviews or the shop’s reviews may have been deleted or buried on the web. Reviews 2018

Web Med Quality Shop had been a seized store since 2017, which means that it’s impossible to get recent customer reviews for the store (for the year 2018). However, there are a few websites offering their insights about the web drugstore, like for instance, this report:

Web Med Quality Shop Rating
Web Med Quality Shop Rating

Overall, Web Med Quality Shop was rated only 2.5 out of 5.0 stars, the average of 119 reviews for the online drugstore. Although this report wasn’t elaborated, buyers have rated Web Med Quality Shop poorly on the account of its customer service, medicines quality, and value for money. Coupon Codes

As I checked the former Web Med Quality Shop records, I discovered that the Web Med Quality Shop did not offer any form of coupon codes or buyer discount save for the bulk pill order discount given to clients when they order more quantities of the meds they need. I was honestly expecting free shipping, free pills, or voucher codes, but apparently, Web Med Quality Shop wasn’t as generous as most online drugstores in the market.


Web Med Quality Shop was an online drugstore that has operated for 4 years, selling generic treatments to customers all over the globe. However, Web Med Quality Shop was seized by the government in 2017 because it allegedly sold counterfeit medications to its clients.

The store did not have reviews for its service, which was ironic because it operated for so long. Because of this, it’s challenging to know whether Web Med Quality Shop was a legit shop or not. Since the store’s now offline, it’s best to think about where to purchase medicines next instead of wonder what kind of service this shop was able to deliver its clients.

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