Viking Review – An Internet Drugstore That Lasted for Two Years Only was an online pharmacy that operated from 2013 to 2015. On their home page, they assured all visitors that everyone was treated with the utmost care, like a VIP. Their goal was to provide excellent service while providing customers with quality and affordable medications. The location of Viking Sun was not revealed by its operators though.

Viking Sun had a long list of medical categories they catered with. It means that they offered medicines under the said categories. They offered drugs for allergy, depression, infection, asthma, eye care, skin care, hair care, muscle relaxant, motion sickness, hormones, and herbal medications. They also offered drugs that can lower cholesterol, sugar level, arthritis and pain relief treatment, sleeping aids, weight loss aids, and penis enlargement. They also offered erectile dysfunction drugs. In fact, their bestsellers include mostly ED brands.

For their ED medicines, they offered branded Viagra for $6.20 per tablet, branded Levitra for $6.22 per tablet, and branded Cialis for $5.73. They also offered generic Cialis for $1.05 per pill, generic Levitra for $2.13 per tablet, and generic Viagra for $0.74 per tablet.

Other brands of ED medicines that Viking Sun offered included:

  • $3.73 per tablet Kamagra Gold
  • $7.22 per tablet Cialis Black
  • $4.12 per tablet Malegra DXT
  • $1.55 per tablet Viagra Super Active
  • $3.10 per tablet Apcalis SX
  • $4.17 per tablet Stendra
  • $15.43 per tablet Extra Super Avana
  • $3.46 per tablet Viagra Jelly
  • $4.33 per tablet Caverta
  • $2.65 per tablet Penegra
  • $0.77 per tablet Zenegra
  • $1.60 per tablet Vigora
  • $1.58 per tablet Sildalis
  • $1.76 per tablet Tadacip
  • $1.78 per tablet Tadora
  • $1.07 per tablet Silagra
  • $8.19 per tablet Super P Force

For payment, orders can be paid with E-Checks, AmEx, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. Undelivered orders come with a money back guarantee. All credit cards were charged once a customer clicks on the submit button.

For deliveries, Viking-Sun offered two shipping methods. Customers of this e-store were able to choose between Trackable Courier Service and Airmail Service. The Trackable Courier Service takes up to nine days for the order to be delivered while Airmail Service takes up to 21 days. Customers were advised to give it at least 30 days before reporting a missing or lost order. Pricing was not available as it depended on the order’s destination and the amount of order.

For concerns, questions, and issues, customers of can reach the help support team of this e-store by calling them at 877 888 9761 or 44 203 6081 1340. They also had a contact us page where customers can send them a direct message about their orders. They also had a live chat support team but due to the web store’s current inactive status, we are unable to check if their chat team is reliable. Reviews

For operating for two years, we are expecting to see some customer feedbacks for We were not disappointed but the reviews we found were from their testimonial page. Unfortunately, they did not have any reviews from third-party websites.

Viking-sun Reviews

The first customer review we found from their on-site page was shared by Stephen Smith. In his review, Stephen said that this was an honest online pharmacy and he felt their sincerity in helping him and his granddad by ensuring that his credit card was safe from fraud.

For the next customer testimony, we found one from Suzan who shared that herbal medicines were her first option in losing weight and she found it with She said the weight loss product she ordered from this e-store was effective.

Lastly, a review shared by Charles revealed how he combat smoking with a success because of the Smok-Ox product he ordered from Viking-sun. Charles said that he had been ordering from this e-store for a while and the last one was his third order.

These are positive reviews for and we cannot deny the fact that these kinds of reviews can be very enticing to potential customers. We are taken back by the fact that these are from their own website which means that these can be fake or were paid reviews. Reviews 2018

Since the old reviews we found for Viking Sun were from their own website and we cannot consider them as reliable reviews, we hoped to find new reviews from third-party review sites. Unfortunately, this e-store stopped operating in 2015 and no customer reviews from 2018 are available. Coupon Codes

Viking-sun Coupon Codes

Most online stores are using coupon codes to entice their customers into trying their products and offers. For, this was not something they need, and they did not offer any coupon code during their operation.

What they offered was a 20% discount on their ED packs.

Conclusion is no longer active and is no longer operational. It operated for two years and then disappeared for no reason. They offered generic and branded medications for different medical conditions. Their most popular drugs were under the erectile dysfunction category.

All medicines shipped from the warehouse of Viking Sun were FDA approved according to their FAQ page. We find their pricing higher as compared to other online pharmacies that offer generic medications. Their generic Viagra was affordable at $0.74 per tablet but other brands of generic erectile dysfunction medicines cost more than $2. Most online pharmacies offer their Indian generic ED medicines for less than $2 per tablet. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why they only lasted for two hours.

We also find their customer reviews unreliable not just because they were taken from their testimonial page but because we cannot find them anywhere else. A reliable review often appears on other review websites.

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