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USA Rx Delivery might have looked like an online pharmacy that offered various meds to its customers but it wasn’t. It was a pharmacy site that focused only on selling a few types of medicines. The main products of its website were pills for erectile dysfunction (ED) and other meds that can be found on its selection were Propecia (for male pattern hair loss), Lasix (diuretic), Priligy (for premature ejaculation), and Xenical (weight loss). Other than these products, USA Rx Delivery had no other meds on its website. It was not an online pharmacy that offered a comprehensive list of medicines for various health needs but it only offered a selected number of meds to its clients. USA Rx Delivery wasn’t the online pharmacy to visit for other drug needs as its site only sold meds that catered to certain health needs. The date of its establishment was assumed to be back in 2014 since that was the year where the first captures for its site were made by the internet archives. As for the previous years before that, no captures were yet made which means that it hasn’t yet existed.

The site of USA Rx Delivery is already closed and is no longer available. Its date of closure was believed to be back in the year 2017 and the reason why it has closed down was because its site was forcefully seized by the US government for the charge of willful copyright infringement and trafficking counterfeit goods. But this was not believed to be the real reason for its seizure because prior to its site being taken over by the Homeland Security Investigations, large pharma companies and corporate drugstores have launched a campaign whose aim was the mass closure and seizure of online drugstores. The reason was simply because online pharmacies have drawn customers away from purchasing their meds locally due to their affordable price offers. The result was these companies steadily lost profit and that pushed them to act against the independent pharmacy sites that sold low-cost medications. And since these large corporations had ties with the government, they managed to successfully close down many online medicine shops, USA Rx Delivery included.

USA Rx Delivery was among those pharmacies as it had very low prices for its products. The ED meds that were sold at local pharmacies for $70 to $90 USD per pill were only priced $2 USD on its site. It offered great savings to its customers as its products were more than 90% cheaper than the pharmacy prices. Not only were its products cheap, USA Rx Delivery also didn’t require their customers to provide prescriptions for their meds. The ED pills and the other medicines on its site were prescription drugs and normally, scripts should be provided by the customers before they are allowed to purchase anything on its selection of meds. But USA Rx Delivery no longer asked for it to help its clients save time and money. But even if prescriptions were not a necessity on its website, USA Rx Delivery still recommended their customers to consult with their doctors before using the medicines that they have purchased. Prescription drugs usually have some serious side effects and only medical professionals can provide the proper advice on how to use them. Reviews

USA Rx Delivery didn’t have many reviews from the web and there was no customer who ordered from its site that still made an effort to give it a review on third-party review pages. There were some questions and brief inquiries concerning its website on some pharmacy forums but there was not a single review with concrete information coming from a real customer of its website. It’s kind of disappointing since valid third-party reviews are the reviews that we’re supposed to use in this section but in their absence, we’ll simply go with the reviews from within its website. Although these reviews aren’t as reliable as the third-party testimonials, we will use them and see what they have to say for USA Rx Delivery.

USA Rx Delivery User Reviews
USA Rx Delivery User Reviews

The review that was given by a customer of USA Rx Delivery named Jan wasn’t about the service that was given to him by the site since he has already received his orders. His concern was with the courier that delivered his orders to him as his request was to send his ordered meds to his office since there’s not someone at his home always. But it was sorted out by the courier as they managed to get the parcel of the customer to his office. Concerning his experience with USA Rx Delivery, he summed it up in the last sentence of his testimonial as “good service”.

What Ken has ordered from USA Rx Delivery were Cialis pills and he was happy because his orders came with free pills. He already tried the meds that he has ordered and was happy that they worked well with him. He also commended USA Rx Delivery by saying that he hoped there were more companies like itself with great service and helpful customer support. Reviews 2018

As for new reviews for USA Rx Delivery, there would no longer be any since its site was already seized and no longer operates as an online pharmacy. The old content of its site can still be accessed on the internet archives but no longer through its old address. Coupon Codes

USA Rx Delivery Free Shipping and Bulk Order Discount
USA Rx Delivery Free Shipping and Bulk Order Discount

Purchasing big did have perks at USA Rx Delivery as it waived the shipping fees of its customers whose orders exceeded the amount of $100 USD. Its clients also got their meds at cheaper prices as they purchased large quantities of their needed drugs because of the discount that its site gave to bulk orders.


USA Rx Delivery was an online pharmacy that only sold a selected number of products. ED meds composed most of its medicine selection and it sold its meds at very low costs. Sadly, its site is already closed due to the seizure that was made by the US government. Customers can still find dependable online stores on our list of top recommended providers.

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