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As a generics medicine source on the web, many people knew Trusty Med Shop as a place where affordable and high-quality meds were available for purchase. It was an online pharmacy with a good range of pharmaceutical products for a considerable number of categories and uses. Its selection of products may not have been as huge as what the local drugstores had but its site definitely had the common and popular medications that most people needed. From meds for health problems such as allergies up to the weight loss products, Trusty Med Shop had them stocked on its product list.

But just like other online pharmacies like itself, Trusty Med Shop also had a list of its best-selling medicines, drugs that were frequently purchased by its customers. The list was on the front page of its website and on the number one spot was Levitra, a drug that’s used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Drugs like diuretics, antibiotics, and hair loss medication was also included on the bestsellers list of Trusty Med Shop but the list was largely dominated by male sexual dysfunction pills. Aside from Levitra, ED drugs like Cialis and Viagra was also on the list of Trusty Med Shop along with their variants such as Kamagra, Viagra Professional, and Cialis Professional. What made the ED pills of Trusty Med Shop become bestselling drugs was the fact that their prices were so affordable, they can be bought at costs which were 90% less than the local drugstore prices. It sold its ED meds for as low as $3.56 USD per pill and when compared to the asking price of the local pharmacies which were at an average of $80 USD each, its products offered way more savings.

For its market scope, Trusty Med Shop catered to customers all over the world and not only in selected countries such as the US or the UK. But although this was the case, the available hotlines on its website was only for its US and UK clients. This might be due to the limited resources that Trusty Med Shop had but it did offer its Contact Us page for its clients to send their concerns through email to its customer service department. The hotline that Trusty Med Shop had for its US clients was +1 877 888 9761 and the one for its UK customers was +44 203 608 1340.

Regarding the shipment of its customers’ orders, Trusty Med Shop offered two shipping methods. The first one was the Trackable Courier Service which only took 5 to 9 days and the second one was the regular airmail which took 14 to 21 days. The fee that it charged for the courier delivery was about $25 to $30 USD while for its regular airmail, it only charged a fee which ranged from $10 to $15 USD. For customers whose orders have exceeded the amount of $200 USD, Trusty Med Shop offered to ship their purchases for free via regular airmail. Payment of orders was also easy at Trusty Med Shop as it accepted credit and debit cards such as VISA. American Express, and MasterCard, and it also accepted payments which were sent through Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Though the run that Trusty Med Shop had was good, it eventually closed its site down somewhere in 2015. Overall, it had a total of three (3) years as an online pharmacy since its operations have started somewhere in the year 2012. No one knows the reason why it decided to close its site down but many suspect that it was due to financial problems since its site that was previously a pharmacy is now a vacant domain that’s for sale. Its contract with its domain provider might have lapsed and it didn’t have enough resources to renew its website lease thus, forcing it to shut its operations down. Reviews

Trusty Med Shop has already been closed for a while and it no longer had any third-party user reviews on the web. Maybe it was because the independent review websites that previously had user testimonials for its site have already updated their pages, removing reviews for sites that no longer exist. This kind of reviews could’ve been the ones that we’d use for our review analysis but since there are none of these third-party user reviews on the web, we’ll go with the onsite testimonials on the page of Trusty Med Shop.

Trusty Med Shop User Reviews
Trusty Med Shop User Reviews

Johnny was first hesitant with ordering at Trusty Med Shop due to his fears of getting his credit card details stolen or getting sent with fake products. But his doubts were proven wrong after he tried making an order from its website as he received genuine meds and his card details were safe. The customer care specialists of the site also updated him constantly with the status of his orders and all of his questions were answered to his satisfaction.

For Mike, the pleasant customer service experience that he had was also the reason for his review. He found the support team of Trusty Med Shop to be very helpful with his concerns. He was also doubtful before like Johnny but he was also proven wrong after receiving his meds which were exactly the same as the images on its site. Reviews 2018

There are no longer any reviews available for Trusty Med Shop as its site has already been closed for a long time. But even if its site no longer exists, users can still view its old content on the internet archives where the old onsite reviews are. Coupon Codes

Clients of Trusty Med Shop enjoyed 10% discounts as returning customers on its website, a good compensation that was given by the site for their patronage. Regardless of the amount of the orders that the customers have made, it also added free bonus pills top their orders. For purchases above $200 USD in amount, Trusty Med Shop also waived the fees for the regular shipping of its customers’ purchases.

Trusty Med Shop Bonus Offers
Trusty Med Shop Bonus Offers


Trusty Med Shop was an online pharmacy that managed to stay in the business for 3 years before deciding to close its site down for reasons that it didn’t mention. It was an online supplier of quality generic medicines that it sold for affordable prices which helped its clients save big. Although its site is no longer available, customers can still find online pharmacies that offer big savings at our top list of recommended providers.

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