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Trust Med Online Now was an online pharmacy that existed from 2012 until late 2016. It was a place on the web that offered customers alternatives to the costly drugs which were sold at the local pharmacies in the form of generic drugs. Its product selection was entirely composed of generics, drugs which had the exact same ingredients, formulation, and composition as the branded drugs but had much lower prices. In selling generic medicines, Trust Med Online Now helped customers save money on their medications as its products were 90% cheaper than the local medication prices. Not only were the products of Trust Med Online Now cheap but these were also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective for use.

But sadly, Trust Med Online Now is no longer in operation as its site was forcefully closed down and seized by the US government some years ago for willful copyright infringement and selling of counterfeit goods. The clients of Trust Med Online Now were surprised by this event since they knew that those charges weren’t true. The products which were sold by Trust Med Online Now were high-quality medicines that were imported from countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Singapore, countries where drug prices were low and regulated by the government.

The ones who were believed to be behind the closure and seizure of Trust Med Online Now were corporate drugstore chains and large pharmaceutical companies. Years ago, these businesses have launched a government-backed campaign whose aim was to close online pharmacies down. This was because many online pharmacies like Trust Med Online Now started drawing customers away from buying their meds at local stores due to their big savings offers. So in order to stop their loss of profit, large pharma corporations were forced to make a move and it was a successful one. As a result, many online pharmacies were closed down and that included Trust Med Online Now.

Back when it was still in existence, many people effortlessly purchased their medicines on the site of Trust Med Online Now because of its very navigable website. Its interface was user-friendly and everything was neatly placed in the right places for easy access. On the middle part of its webpage was its bestsellers list complete with basic information and price. Located on the left part was its categories list where its customers searched for their needed meds based on the health conditions that they were used for. For those customers who wanted to get to their meds really fast, Trust Med Online Now had a search box on the upper part of its site and this acted as a shortcut for quick access. Just below its search box was its alphabetical assortment of medicines and this was used by its clients who were not very familiar with the names of the medicines that they were looking for.

Trust Med Online Now also offered 24/7 customer support since its clients came from different parts of the world. There were three ways to contact its customer service department and the first one was through its phone hotlines. The numbers to call were +1 800 532 4808 (toll-free US), +1 718 313 1498 (regular US), and +44 203 011 0241 (UK). Unfortunately, no hotlines were given for its international clients to call but they were still able to get their concerns sorted out by the customer service through the second communication means provided by Trust Med Online Now which as live chat. The support that was given by the chat department of Trust Med Online Now was just as good as its voice support except that it was done through chat. The third and last means of contact that the clients of Trust Med Online Now used to reach it was through email and they did it by going to its Contact Us page and filling out the forms and sending them. Reviews

In our review analysis, the ones that we are primarily looking for are third-party reviews since these ones are believed to be genuine and had the least possibility of having been edited by the site where they were from. But in the case of Trust Med Online Now, what we’ll be using are the reviews that were found on its page due to the scarcity of third-party reviews for its website. These reviews are still considered as user reviews it’s just that they are not as reliable as third-party testimonials as these were likely modified to serve the interests of the site where they were placed. Even so, here are some of them.

Trust Med Online Now User Reviews
Trust Med Online Now User Reviews

The first review was given by an anonymous customer who thanks Trust Med Online Now because of the good condition that his ordered medicines have arrived in. The customer was also thankful for the free pills that came with his purchase.

Larry only gave a very short review for Trust Med Online Now which said that he received his orders just fine and that they worked great.

Another anonymous customer thanked Trust Med Online Now for his orders that arrived on time. The user also added that doing business with its site was a pleasure.

Like the previous review, Mario is grateful to Trust Med Online Now because he finally received his orders. He was also happy for the extra pills that were added to his orders which were free of charge. Reviews 2018

Although its domain name still exists as seized, the site of Trust Med Online Now itself no longer exists. New reviews for its site can no longer be made and the only means to access the old content of its site is to visit the web archives. Coupon Codes

Trust Med Online Now Bonus Pills and Free Shipping
Trust Med Online Now Bonus Pills and Free Shipping

The bonus pills offer of Trust Med Online Now was for every customer regardless of the size of their purchases. As for its free shipping offer, this was only for its clients who had orders with a total cost of over $200 USD.


Trust Med Online Now was a pharmacy site that sold affordable but quality meds on the web for a period of four (4) years from 2012 to 2016. It had a good selection of drugs which it sold for reasonable prices but regrettably, its term as an online pharmacy was short-lived as it was seized and closed down by the government-backed campaign of the local drugstore chains and big pharmaceuticals. But customers can still find great online places to buy meds from at our top list of recommended providers.

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