Topmednorx Review – Drugstore with Unknown Physical Location is an online drugstore with an unknown location. Also, I could not tell how long this drugstore has been offering its services online. The drugstore focuses on selling medications which have already received approval from the FDA. When I checked its website, no medication available on its catalog was in stock. Some of the meds in its catalog include weight loss medication, anti-anxiety meds, sleeping aids, hair loss treatment, ADHD meds, erectile dysfunction pills, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and others. Just like the drugstore name, Top Med No Rx, suggests, the drugstore did not have an Rx policy. Men and women were allowed to purchase meds from the drugstore without having to get a prescription script first.

One thing I did not like about this drugstore is the fact that an accidental click on any portion of the website homepage that did not have any text on it was redirecting me to another website. The website is This made look untrustworthy to me.

I could not tell the current medication prices for the meds being sold by since all the meds available on the site were out of stock. However, when I checked the prices for the ED pills which had been captured previously, I noticed that a pill of generic Viagra was being sold at 0.90 dollars. Each pill of generic Cialis would have cost the buyer only 1.68 dollars. A pill of generic Levitra was being sold at 1.49 dollars.

These prices are low when compared to what the local drugstores sell the same pills. For example, in the local pharmacies, a pill of brand Viagra is worth 70 dollars. However, the pills prices are not the lowest available online. I have come across online drug stores with much lower prices for the same pills.

The drugstore was offering two method of shipping. The first method of shipping is the Registered Airmail. This method is free. The trackable shipping method would cost the buyer 20 dollars. To pay for medications, buyers would have to use three methods. These are the E-Check, Mastercard, and VISA. Also, the drugstore accepts a variety of currencies which include US dollars, the British pound, the Euro, Danish Krone, and others.

The pharmacy had a 100% money back guarantee. It was refunding buyers who failed to receive their medications or received damaged meds. The drugstore also offers re-shipment of lost packages or damaged goods. Top Med No Rx does not accept any returns. Once medications have been sold and the buyer has received them, there is no way of sending them back to get back the money spent on the meds. For buyers who would like to get anything clarified by the customer support department, they can use the drugstore toll-free number which is +1 701 433 1554. Reviews

I could not locate any testimonials online for Top Med No Rx. I, therefore, decided to check whether the drugstore is recognized by Legit Script as a genuine drugstore or not. was recognized by LegitScript as a rogue online drugstore. This means that the drugstore does not follow all the rules online med stores are supposed to follow for them to be recognized as genuine. Since when I clicked any point on homepage I was being redirected to which appeared to be a Canadian drugstore, I decided to check on Here are the results that I got:

Topmednorx CIPA Report did not appear to be in CIPA database. This showed that either this pharmacy is not located in Canada or if the pharmacy has its location in Canada, it is a rogue drugstore since it is not recognized by CIPA which is the Canadian drugstore regulatory body. Up to this point, does not look like an online pharmacy that I can trust with both my money and my health. However, before I make a decision, I decided to see whether there are any reviews for the drugstore in 2018. Reviews 2018

After searching for testimonials in 2018, I could find any. I decided to search the pharmacy domain address on Here are the results I got:

Topmednorx Scam Adviser Report

The Scam Adviser report indicated that Top Med No Rx has a 0% trust rating. This can be interpreted to mean that the pharmacy has a very high risk. The drugstore location was being hidden. This is something that genuine online pharmacies would never do. The site had already been identified as a rogue online med store. The server in which website was residing had a large number of suspicious websites. The pharmacy was involving countries which are very famous for their large number of scam sites. Coupon Codes

The first saving offer Top Med No Rx had was the offer for free shipping. Apart from this offer, there was nothing like coupon codes on the site and also on third-party coupon-collecting websites available online. This is rather unfortunate for this drugstore since buyers source their medications online in order to get to save money. Therefore, coupon codes are always attractive as they offer buyers a chance to save on their meds. did not appear to care much about this fact.


I would never trust an online pharmacy that lacks any testimonials to show the quality of services it offers. For this reason, I wouldn’t advise anyone to trust Top Med No Rx. Also, every resource I have used to search domain address has produced results which show that the drugstore is a rogue drugstore. This is another reason why trusting the drugstore is not advisable. This drugstore lacks any coupon codes. Also, its medication prices are not as fair as a buyer would expect when buying meds online. The only thing I liked about is the fact that it accepts credit cards for payment.

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