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Just like other online pharmacies on the web, Top Med Store was a place where customers were able to purchase affordable medicines. It was a place where people bought their drugs at prices which were more than 90% cheaper than the local pharmacies. The reasonable prices of its products were no secret as Top Med Store made it known to their clients that the drugs that they sold were generic medicines. Top Med Store had a huge assortment of generics and its site was home to the generic versions of the popular branded drugs on the market. Many of its customers loved purchasing their meds on its site for the reason that they were able to get drugs like Viagra at costs which were very different from the local drugstore prices. Viagra is a popular and a bestselling drug worldwide and its local price fetches for up to $80 USD per pill. But at Top Med Store, the price difference was staggering as people were able to purchase their Viagra pills for only $0.77 USD each. Not only were its clients able to purchase a sufficient amount of their needed drugs but they were also able to save a lot of money which was something that was near-impossible to do at local drugstores.

On the top of the bestsellers, list of Top Med Store was still Viagra and it was trailed by other erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs such as Cialis, Kamagra, and Levitra. Top Med Store also sold generic variants of these ED drugs which came in forms like chewable pills, oral jellies, soft gel capsules, and effervescent tablets, forms which had a faster onset of effect than the standard hard tablets. Top Med Store sourced these medicines from GMP-certified drug manufacturers in countries such as India, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, and Turkey. These countries were known for producing drugs with the same quality as the ones sold in the US only that they sold these drugs at very low costs. Top Med Store took advantage of this and made the medicines manufactured in these countries available on its site for the whole world to have access to. ED drugs were not the only medicines sold by Top Med Store but it also had a good assortment of medicines used for various other health conditions such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, depression, sleeplessness, allergies, and many others.

Unfortunately, Top Med Store is no longer available since its site has already closed down somewhere in 2017. Its domain name is still active and can still be visited but it’s no longer an online pharmacy. Its site is now a vacant webpage that’s for sale. No one knows the reason behind its closure but the closest guess would be financial reasons. Top Med Store might have encountered a financial crisis that forced it to close its store down. This is a common trend among online pharmacies because of their great number, each one competing for the attention of the customers on the web. But it could also be a different reason and since Top Med Store didn’t disclose anything prior to the termination of its operations, any speculation would be viable.

Back when Top Med Store was still in business, the satisfaction of its customers was its priority. It boasted of a 100% delivery guarantee and if in case the orders of its clients didn’t arrive on its promised timeframe, it offered its customers a free reshipment of their orders or a full refund, whichever was more convenient for them to have. Top Med Store also had a money-back guarantee on its products that when its customers, for some reasons, weren’t satisfied with their meds, they can contact its customer service department within 30 days of their orders delivery and have their money refunded. Reviews

The search for third-party user reviews for Top Med Store on the web didn’t return any relevant results and this only meant that there are no longer any independent review websites that offered reviews for it. Top Med Store has already been closed for a long time and it might be that the sites that once had reviews for it has already updated their content and removed the old user testimonials. But even though Top Med Store had no third-party reviews, it had reviews from its own website which we could use for analysis. The only thing with these testimonials is that they’re not taken as 100% legit as they may have already been edited by the people who managed the review section of Top Med Store. Nevertheless, here are those reviews.

Top Med Store User Reviews
Top Med Store User Reviews

The first review was from Richard Nowik, a client of Top Med Store who successfully received his ordered medicines. He also mentioned in the testimonial that he has given that he would be recommending its site to his friend.

Like Richard, Daniel Haroldsen also received his orders from Top Med Store. He was thankful that everything was perfect and his orders were in good condition. Daniel was so satisfied with his experience that he said he would be ordering again from its site in the future.

As for Curtis, what pleased him was the shipment of his meds and the customer service of Top Med Store. He ended his brief testimonial by saying that he would re-order again very soon. Reviews 2018

It’s not anymore possible for Top Med Store to get any customer reviews as its site is no longer available for business. But for those who want to check out the old reviews for its site, its free to access and view on the web archives. Coupon Codes

Regardless of the amount of ED medicines that its customers have ordered, Top Med Store added free pills to their customer’s purchases. It also waived the shipping fees for all orders whose total sum exceeded $300 USD.

Top Med Store Freebies
Top Med Store Freebies


Top Med Store, just like other online pharmacies on the web, was a place where people were able to purchase quality meds at very low prices. It offered its generic meds at costs which were more than 90% cheaper than the local drugstores. But for unknown reasons, it just terminated its operations and disappeared from the web. Customers who are looking for reliable online medicine sources should check our list of top recommended providers.

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