Copy of 537 Rx Review – Another Store Now Offline is now unreachable despite my efforts to connect with this online pharmacy. It’s unfortunate though that Rx Deals can’t be accessed anymore, what’s odd was the non-existent reviews for this online platform – I tried to search the web for existing reviews, but the store appeared to not have any from the web.

Since I can depend on the internet archive to provide details even for dead websites, I searched the internet archive’s database for available information for the Rx Deals store. True enough, I was able to find the details for the shop on the web archive and I saw that the earliest records for this online pharmacy were from 2004. However, it appears that Rx Deals was formerly “” and it was only in 2014 that it became an online pharmacy.

Compared to the regular online drugstores, the shop Rx Deals had a different façade than usual; however, I think that beneath it all, Rx Deals still offered the same deals like any typical online pharmacy. I saw that the items sold by Rx Deals were the same erectile dysfunction, weight loss, blood pressure, and cholesterol treatments, the kind that are usually found at web pharmacies. Also, like the conventional internet pharmacy, Rx Deals also offered Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their generic derivatives and considered these medicines as its best-selling products.

As for the prices, Rx Deals had the following for some of its most popular products:

  • Zoloft: $0.19 per pill
  • Diflucan: $0.49 per pill
  • Prednisone: $0.23 per pill
  • Kamagra: $0.72 per pill
  • Cialis Professional: $1.94 per pill
  • Levitra: $0.81 per pill

According to the information on Rx Deals, its products were approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. However, the store did not state which FDA association has certified its products. Regarding prescriptions, the store Rx Deals accepted orders from consumers without the necessary Rx for their items.

Concerning the payments, Rx Deals accepted only credit card payments from VISA and MasterCard. As for the shipping, Rx Deals has offered regular shipping and expedited shipping, but since the store isn’t online anymore, I was unable to know the exact rates for these shipping methods.

Rx Deals wasn’t clear about its refunds and reshipments, but the store mentioned that if the items do not arrive, it would happily issue refunds to the buyers. Reviews

There were actually reviews for the Rx Deals store, but the shop only had on-site testimonials instead of third-party reviews. Ideally, I’d consider third-party reviews for Rx Deals (like reviews found on various review websites) since they are technically more objective and more truthful than the on-site testimonials. However, since I do not have a choice, I had to refer to the following on-site reviews instead:

Rx Deals Customer Testimonials
Rx Deals Customer Testimonials

According to a user named Leopoldo, the shop had a friendly customer support team who was able to respond to all his inquiries. Leopoldo was grateful to the help he received from Rx Deals’ support team.

Ladislao, on the other hand, emphasized how easy it was to order medicines from Rx Deals. According to his review, it only took him 15 minutes to order from the web platform. He noted that it was faster ordering from Rx Deals than other online pharmacies.

Gunter was also thankful for Rx Deals and noted that Rx Deals was faithful in keeping him informed on his orders.

However, like I’ve mentioned earlier, despite the positive tone of the on-site testimonials for the Rx Deals shop, it’s difficult to verify if these comments were true considering most on-site comments are not entirely truthful and were perhaps created by the store staff. Reviews 2018

It is unknown when the shop Rx Deals closed down, so reviews for the store for the year 2018 are impossible to come by. Yes, the store did have blogger opinions for its service, but none of these reports were from users who were able to use the shop firsthand for their needs.

In order for me to get ahold of more information for Rx Deals though, I had to consider the use of domain assessing platforms like Legit Script. Legit Script is an online site that helps determine if an online pharmacy is safe to use or not.

In the case of Rx Deals, I discovered that the shop Rx Deals was considered a not approved pharmacy that has failed to meet Legit Script’s standards for a legitimate online store and instead ticked the boxes for the criteria of problematic online drugstores. Coupon Codes

Buyers are enticed by stores that have plenty of good deals available for the buyers. Common deals expected by buyers on web pharmacies they shop from include at least conditional free shipping, freebie pills, seasonal voucher codes, and bulk order discounts. In the case of Rx Deals though, the store only had bulk order discounts and did not offer other deals to its consumers:

Rx Deals Bulk Order Price
Rx Deals Bulk Order Price

There are no offers on Rx Deals except for the bulk order pricing on the shop. I have expected more from the online pharmacy but the records show that there were no other deals available on the store.


Rx Deals, another closed online pharmacy, has exited the web in silence. I’ve looked for relevant reviews for this online pharmacy, but the store only had on-site comments available for its consumers. All in all, I am not so sure whether the store has served its clients well or if it betrayed its clients considering the sparse information available for this drugstore. Nevertheless, since this store’s now closed, we don’t have much choice but to look for other stores to use now that we’re with one less online pharmacy. If you want suitable options, you can consider the stores included on our list of TOP Web Drugstores.

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