Copy of 532 Promptpillstore Review – Now Redirects to a Canadian Pharmacy is a now-closed online pharmacy that took on a generic appearance similar to several online drugstores I’ve been to before. This online drugstore was perhaps an affiliate marketing site or a member of an online pharmacy company, hence its similar appearance to some of the web drugstores I’ve seen before. Today, however, the store Prompt Pill Store is now non-functional and redirects to another website called Canada Choice, a seller of generic impotence medicines. The former Prompt Pill Store website looked nothing like the store it now redirects to, although they were both sellers of generic impotence treatments. For me, though, Prompt Pill Store’s former site had a more extensive product line-up compared to the Canada Choice shop it now redirects to, considering the Canada Choice store only has a handful of products available.

I used the internet archive records to evaluate Prompt Pill Store since the Canada Choice shop Prompt Pill Store redirects to is nothing like the former site. According to the “About Us” section of the former Prompt Pill Store site, the shop had 9 years of selling experience, although it was not clear when the shop Prompt Pill Store was actually incepted. However, the earliest records for Prompt Pill Store existed in 2011 – perhaps the store was created earlier than 2011 since the store claimed that it has existed for nearly a decade.

Although most of the items sold by Prompt Pill Store were medicines intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the Prompt Pill Store also sold items like antibiotics, weight loss pills, cancer medicines, and many others. The most popular items on Prompt Pill Store were the following:

  • Generic Cialis: $1.67 each unit
  • Generic Cialis Soft: $2.00 each unit
  • Kamagra (generic Viagra): $1.96 each unit
  • Generic Levitra: $2.42 each unit
  • Generic Viagra: $1.12 each unit

According to Prompt Pill Store, its products required prescriptions, so the customers sent their Rx first before they were allowed to order by Prompt Pill Store. Prompt Pill Store was unlike most online pharmacies – most web drugstores are allowing no-Rx purchases, which are clearly against the law.

Unlike most popular web drugstores though, Prompt Pill Store only shipped its items to the United States and charged an expensive fee of $35 for the USPS shipping. Reviews

Prompt Pill Store did receive third-party attention from its former clients, although the messages for Prompt Pill Store were mixed – some of the buyers were well-pleased with Prompt Pill Store’s performance, while other consumers had nothing but complaints about the store:

Prompt Pill Store Reviews from Top Online Pharmacies
Prompt Pill Store Reviews from Top Online Pharmacies

According to Alistar who posted in March 2013, Prompt Pill Store deserved 4 out of 5 stars because it was easy to use and was prompt in shipping his medicines. He also mentioned that Prompt Pill Store had reasonable prices for its products and hence was a highly recommendable site.

Mark Russell, on the other hand, rated the store 5 out of 5 points and mentioned that it was “totally what [he] needed”, although he did not care to elaborate why.

Prompt Pill Store Reviews from Pharmacies Review
Prompt Pill Store Reviews from Pharmacies Review

The Pharmacies Review reviews for Prompt Pill Store were not 100% in favor of Prompt Pill Store though. Even if most of the buyers were happy with their Prompt Pill Store experience, like Chris (posted February 2013) who wrote that the shop was reliable and a 5-star store, some of the consumers have had unpleasant experiences with the store.

Kenn discouraged the customers to order from Prompt Pill Store since he was made to wait by Prompt Pill Store indefinitely. In the same way, Prompt Pill Store has utterly disappointed Bo, another user – he rated the shop only 1 out of 5 and mentioned that he paid for express shipping but ended up waiting too long for his order. At the time of his review, he was still waiting for the meds to arrive. Reviews 2018

Prompt Pill Store has closed down before 2018 and the shop now redirects to another website, so we really could not expect Prompt Pill Store to have any more reviews for the present year. But because we still need information on Prompt Pill Store even if it’s now closed, I had to check the domain using an external service.

Prompt Pill Store Analysis
Prompt Pill Store Analysis

There was only one good thing identified for Prompt Pill Store and that it was still not reported as an unsafe store by Google. However, the report for the shop reflected that there is a lot of disconcerting information about the store:

  • Prompt Pill Store did not have an SSL certificate
  • Its owner used a free email, which was considered unprofessional
  • Prompt Pill Store was reported several times as a scam store
  • Prompt Pill Store was identified to sell or host illegal content

All in all, Prompt Pill Store was given a zilch score for its overall trustworthiness. Coupon Codes

Although there were no available coupon codes on the Prompt Pill Store website, the shop did have other offers in place for its consumers:

Prompt Pill Store Promotional Offers
Prompt Pill Store Promotional Offers

Here are offers formerly enforced by the Prompt Pill Store web pharmacy:

  • Free shipping for orders reaching a certain amount
  • Low prices for bulk orders


There is no clear reason why Prompt Pill Store is now redirecting to another web address. As far as I’m concerned though, the shop is now non-functional, which was a waste considering it has operated for 9 years (maybe more). I like the fact that Prompt Pill Store had a lot of reviews on third-party sites, but I am still concerned about the store’s mixed reviews – although Prompt Pill Store had good comments from its former clients, there were also buyers with complaints about this web pharmacy. However, since Prompt Pill Store is now closed, I believe it’s time to look for more reliable stores than wait for it to resurrect.

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