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The name of Pillsm.com stands for Pills Market as its site was a place where customers will find various categories of medicines for different uses. It was an online drugstore that offered the customers generic medicines—drugs that have the same active ingredients as the expensive branded medications but have lower prices. The aim of Pillsm.com was to give customers cheaper alternatives to the costly branded drugs and because of that, its selection of drugs was all made up of generic medicines. Its customers didn’t have a hard time buying its products since the prices of the meds that Pillsm.com has offered were up to 90% cheaper than the locally-sold brands. This gave its clients a great savings opportunity that allowed them to buy as much as they needed and still have enough money to spare. The generic medicines that Pillsm.com sold were not just any generic medicines—these drugs were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective for use, the customer’s assurance of quality.

When Pillsm.com was still in business, its customers were able to purchase both prescription and over the counter medications from its website. But as for prescription drugs, Pillsm.com didn’t require its clients to provide any scripts. This meant that its customers no longer needed to have scripts from their physicians in order to be able to purchase the medications that they need. The no-prescription policy of Pillsm.com was already a treat to its clients as people were no longer obliged to have costly appointments with their doctors. Customers of Pillsm.com were able to purchase their drug right away without having to fax or email anything to its site and waiting for approval. So on top of the cheap medicine prices that Pillsm.com offered, its customers were also able to save extra money for not providing any prescriptions. But even if this was the case on its site before, it strongly recommended its customers to get themselves checked by their doctors before using the medicines that they have purchased just to be safe and to make sure that they were physically fit to take their meds.

Back in the day, clients who needed help with anything related to Pillsm.com and its products were able to rest easy because of the reliable contact numbers that it has provided. The number that was provided for US clients to call was +1 888 524 7141 while for customers from the UK, the number to contact was +44 808 189 1420. These numbers were only exclusive to US and UK customers which meant that its international customers have no hotline to contact. But to enable its clients to still contact its site, Pillsm.com made a live chat option available where customers can get their concerns sorted out real-time with the help of its chat support representatives. For clients who were more convenient with contacting Pillsm.com through email, they simply filled the forms out on its Contact Us page and received their awaited response on their emails.

The shipping options that were offered by Pillsm.com were registered airmail and the express mail service (EMS). For registered airmail, its customers had to wait for 14 to 21 days for their orders to arrive while for EMS, the wait time was only set to 5 to 9 days. But in case of any delays along the transit of the orders, Pillsm.com guarantees that the maximum wait time for registered airmail would only be 30 days while 14 days for the express mail service. As for the accepted payment means at Pillsm.com, its site received major credit/debit card payments such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. It also accepted payments through Automated Clearing House (ACH), an electronic network for financial transactions in the US.

Pillsm.com is already closed and no one knows the reason why. It simply disappeared on the web without warning to the shock of its customers. No announcement or explanation was offered by the site prior to its closure, leaving many people wondering as to the real reason behind the termination of its operations.

Pillsm.com Reviews

As for third-party reviews for Pillsm.com, it appears that the site had none and it was quite frustrating. Third-party reviews are important since these testimonials reflect the true image of an online pharmacy, showing the readers an unbiased view of the website. These kinds of reviews are provided by independent review websites to give readers a transparent perspective of the online pharmacy that they are planning to buy from. On-site reviews are OK but these reviews are not 100% reliable as there’s always a possibility that these might have just been fabricated or edited to show only good about an online pharmacy. But since there are no other reviews available for Pillsm.com, let’s take a look at its available on-site user reviews.

Pillsm.com User Reviews

A customer named Michael Been from London was amazed at the low prices that Pillsm.com offered on its website. To let others know that it was safe to order from its site, Michael also shared that he has already placed two (2) orders from its site and has received them both on time. He also encouraged other people to purchase from Pillsm.com if they wished to save money.

The reason for the review that was given by Roberto Revillon was the very “qualified and comprehensive” support that he has received from Pillsm.com’s customer service department. He was just curious about the status of his order so he decided to call. He was then informed about the process of shipment, giving him assurance.

Pillsm.com Reviews 2018

The site of Pillsm.com has already been closed for a long time and the only reviews available for its site were the ones that were originally on its review sections. This can only be retrieved from the web archives as its domain name is no longer accessible.

Pillsm.com Coupon Codes

The customers of Pillsm.com experienced the benefits that it offered such as free shipping for their orders coupled with free bonus pills and a 10% discount on the total amount of their purchases. It was not made clear on its site if the free shipping applies on all orders regardless of the amount but it seems that it was as it said it is.

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Pillsm.com was an online pharmacy where medicines were available at cheap prices. The selection that it offered was composed of generic meds, versions of branded drugs which have the same active ingredients but have much lower costs. It had a reliable customer support system and shipping services but unfortunately, its site is no longer available. People who are looking for trustworthy online medicine sources can check our list of top recommended providers.

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