Review – Seized Drugstore that is No Longer Online used to be an online drugstore but its domain was seized by the government. The main reason why this happens is the undue interference by big pharmaceutical companies who sell brand medications but feel threatened by the existence of pharmacies selling generic medications online. I tried looking for more information regarding the operations of by searching for independent reviews but since none were available, I decided to use the wayback machine to get more information.

The earliest capture was taken in 2008 which could be the year Pharmacie Generique started its operations. The pharmacy was located in Cyprus Greece and used to deal with the sale of generic erectile dysfunction medications. Pharmacie Generique claimed that all the medications stocked had been sourced from Indian FDA approved companies and were safe and effective for the treatment.

The products sold were few and were listed on the homepage, making it easier for the customers when placing their orders. They included Viagra which was sold at $1.56 per pill, Cialis which was sold at $2.00 per pill, Levitra, Soft Cialis, Soft Viagra, and Kamagra. No prescription was required to purchase any of the medications sold at

Payment of medications purchased at was done via Credit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer, or eCheck. The amount equivalent to the value of the order was deducted as soon as the order was submitted and verified. Customers were only allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours after they placed their orders.

Shipping of customers’ orders was done from India since it was the source of all the medications sold and would be done to all countries worldwide except a few Asian Countries. The shipping options used were the trackable courier method where the delivery of the package was done in 9 days and would cost $30 or the standard international airmail where the delivery was done in 21 days to have the order delivered and cost $10. The time taken for the delivery of the products could be longer as a result of circumstances that were beyond the control of such as customs regulations. If the order contained more than 60 pills, they were shipped in different packages that were delivered on different dates.

In the event that the medications were misplaced or the package destroyed as the shipping was ongoing, would resend the lost drugs without any additional fee or issue a refund for the amount spent on the purchase.

When contacting, toll-free numbers had been provided which the customers could use to reach the support team which were +1 (800) 532-4808 or +44 (20) 02227084. The support team spoke different languages so that no customer would be turned away as a result of a language barrier. There was also an email address that customers would use to send a message to the support team and a response would be sent within the shortest possible time. Reviews

In the process of searching for customers’ opinions about the services and products of, I came across a number of reviews published on the pharmacy’s own site. As expected, the customers spoke positively of the services offered. Customers were appreciating the positive results after using the erectile dysfunction pills and the fact that the prices were very affordable. They also appreciated that the support team walked with them through the journey of placing their orders until they received their medications.

DN appreciates the follow up from the customer service team. He received his pills and found them very effective which made his partner very happy.

Brian had also placed an order and in 7 days, the order had already been delivered. He says that he will be placing all his future orders at This is, however, not possible as the website was seized.

Dave was impressed with the fast delivery of his medications which was done in 10 days. He is also happy that the pills were very effective and the fact that the support team was always ready to respond to any of his concerns until he received his medications.

Steve ordered from Pharmacie Generique and he says the medications delivered were very effective. He adds that the cost of the generic Viagra was very low but the quality of the medications was not compromised.

Pharmaciegenerique Reviews

One of the reasons why we cannot use these reviews to determine the kind of services that customers used to get from is the high possibility that they have been made up in an attempt to create a good reputation. It is also possible that the management chose to erase all the negative reviews, leaving only the reviews that spoke positively about them. Reviews 2018

Since Pharmacie Generique has ceased to provide pharmaceutical services, it is impossible to get current reviews from their customers. What remains are the blog posts which were not posted by customers and for this reason, we cannot refer to them.

I checked the report on scam advisor on the website and the trust rating was very low. It was claimed that though the site claimed to be located in the United States, there was a possibility that it was located in Russia.

Pharmaciegenerique Rating by Scamadviser Coupon Codes

Pharmaciegenerique Free Pills Offer

Pharmacie Generique offers a few discounts to their customers some of which were seasonal while others were offered every time a customer placed an order.

For all orders placed, customers were given free 4 Viagra pills which the customers claimed were very effective.

Pharmaciegenerique Seasonal Offers on Purchases

A 4% discount was offered to the customers who placed orders during the holiday season. A code was provided on the billing page and customers would use it to get the discount.

Conclusion was among the online pharmacies whose website was seized and as a result, it ceased to provide its services to their customers. There were a limited number of medications in stock which was for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Due to the lack of unbiased reviews, it is impossible to tell if this was a good online pharmacy or a scam website. Customers who used to buy from Pharmacie Generique now have to look for another online drugstore to purchase their medications from. You can check out our Database of reviewed Top Web Drugstores if you need help in choosing the right online pharmacy to buy your medications.

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