Onlyrxmeds Review – RX Pharmacy with Free Shipping Offers and Affordable Prices was an online pharmacy operating on the web for a few years before it got closed by the pharmacy management. I could not determine the reason as to why the drugstore got closed or for how long the pharmacy had been operating. The drugstore website did not have any information regarding where was located.

The drugstore appeared to have been carrying medications which have received FDA approval only. I could not locate any controlled pills on the drugstore website. Its catalog was extensive. Some of the meds I found on the catalog include ADHD meds, allergy relief pills. Anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics, antidepressants, asthma pills, blood pressure medications, diabetes pills, hair loss medications, erectile dysfunction pills and others. The store had a solution for almost every major health complication.

To determine whether the pharmacy made it easy for buyers to purchase medications by offering them a nice price, I decided to check the price for the erectile dysfunction pills which seemed to be the most popular. The impotence meds I found on were generics which had their source in Indian Pharmaceutical companies. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of $0.89. A Cialis tablet would have cost any man who prefers treating erectile dysfunction with tadalafil $1.53. Generic Levitra was being sold at a price of $1.61. This price was not the lowest on the internet. However, many people could have afforded to buy meds from

Only Rx Meds had nice methods of payments. Buyers could have disputed charges after paying if the pharmacy failed to deliver the meds they had ordered. The drugstore only accepted payment via credit cards. The credit cards buyers could have used included Mastercard and Visa. The store had an SSL encryption on its website. This minimized the risk of the customer’s credit card details being stolen while he or she paid for medications.

I liked the fact that buyers did not have to pay for shipping. All orders were being shipped for free worldwide. Most online pharmacies do not offer free shipping unless the buyer has ordered pills worth a certain amount of money. did not have a limit on the amount of money a buyer had to spend in order to get free shipping.

If a buyer had any queries, the customer support department working for Only Rx Meds could be contacted via calling. The drugstore toll-free number was +1 316 2025 166. The pharmacy promised to make sure that their customers were satisfied. Only Rx Meds had a 30-day money back guarantee. If a buyer failed to receive his or her meds within a period of 30 days, promised to refund all his or her money. To get the refund, buyers were supposed to reach out to the customer support department to communicate to them about their lost orders. Reviews

To determine whether was a good online pharmacy to use, I searched for its customer reviews. The pharmacy did not have any onsite reviews. This was fine since the onsite reviews are usually not very trustworthy. There are pharmacies which create fake testimonials. My aim was to get external testimonials. These are always true since the pharmacy being reviewed won’t have the ability to manipulate the written reviews. I only manage to locate a single rating on an external website. I have captured the rating below:

Onlyrxmeds Rating

The reviewer who gave the above rating did not leave a comment. However, from the rating itself, we can depict that he loved the services he received from Only Rx Meds. He has rated the drugstore 5 stars in all aspects which include product quality, price, ordering process, delivery and packaging, and customer service.

Only one review is generally not enough to be sure whether an online pharmacy is safe or not. There is a possibility that could have created the above review using the external website in order to make themselves look great and increase their chances of getting more customers. The best pharmacies will have a large number of customer testimonials on external sites. Most of the reviews will be positive. Reviews 2018

From the history available on the web archives regarding, the pharmacy appears to have been closed around the year 2017. This means that the possibilities of the drugstore having any 2018 reviews are very low. I could not locate any 2018 reviews. I searched the drugstore domain address on Legitscript.

After reviewing, the program determined that the pharmacy did not satisfy all the requirements a high-quality internet drugstore is supposed to satisfy. This shows that there were some risks involved when ordering meds from Coupon Codes did not have any coupon codes. However, the pharmacy website featured some nice offers which could have made it look attractive to customers. I have captured some of the offers below:

Onlyrxmeds Offers

The pharmacy was allowing their customers to pay less for their pills by offering them a free pills program. The drugstore also had free shipping for all orders irrespective of how much money the buyer had spent on the order. The drugstore was offering its customers a discount when they created an account with the pharmacy. Also, all returning customers were given a 10% discount.


Due to the lack of customer testimonials, is a pharmacy I wouldn’t have recommended. If the drugstore was offering high-quality services, it would have had a steady stream of customers and it would still be online. The drugstore had nice prices. Also, its payment methods were great since buyers could dispute the charges made to their credit cards. The pharmacy wide catalog made it easy for buyers to find their meds.

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