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Okpil.com is an online drugstore that was established in 2015 which claims to works towards fulfilling the expectations of their customers. Online Pharmacy Europe claims stocks both generic and brand medications though there is no proof that they have been verified by the FDA. It is possible that the website is located in Russia thought this has not been specified in the ‘about us’ section. Looking at the homepage, there is no proof that okpil.com has been verified by any of the regulatory bodies.

The medications stocked are classified into several categories according to the health issue for which they will be prescribed. Some of the categories include Men’s Health, women’s Health, Premature Ejaculation, Trial Packs, and Weight Loss. It seems that most of the medications stocked are for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. No prescription will be required to purchase any of the medications stocked at okpil.com.

The bestsellers have also been listed on the homepage which include the brand Viagra which cost $7.29 per pill, Brand Cialis which costs $6.88, Brand Levitra, Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Generic Levitra, Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Lovegra, Brand Trial Packs, Generic Trial Packs, Li Da Weight Loss, Meizitang Weight Loss, and Priligy.

The accepted means of paying for the drugs include Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners and JCB Cards. The amount equivalent to the value of the drugs will be deducted as soon as the order is submitted and verified. Cancellation of orders will only be allowed before the order is approved.

Shipping of medications will be done via the trackable courier method which would take a maximum of 9 days for the medications to be delivered or the airmail shipping method which will take a maximum of 21 days for the order to be delivered. The duration may be longer as a result of circumstances that are beyond the control of okpil.com such as customs regulations. Sending an order via the airmail shipping method will be free regardless of the number of medications ordered and the trackable courier method will cost $30.

If the order is lost or damaged during the shipping, Online Pharmacy Europe will reship the medications free of charge or issue a refund for the amount spent on the purchase. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the medications delivered, you can return your medications to okpil.com and a refund will be issued.

To contact Online Pharmacy Europe, the only option will be sending a message using the contact form that is provided on the website. A response to the message will be sent via the email address you will provide when submitting the message. There is no phone number or a live chat option that one would use to contact the support team. A person wishing to send an urgent message will have a hard time waiting for a response via email.

Okpil.com Reviews

Okpil.com Reviews

According to the reviews provided on their website, the customers are appreciating the fact that the medications are very effective and they paid a low price for the drugs.

Marc says that the services offered by Online Pharmacy Europe are the best he has ever got from an online pharmacy.

Joseph appreciates the high quality of the medications that were sold at cheap prices.

Another client by the name of Alan says that he is happy with the quality of the medications delivered by Online Pharmacy Europe.

The available reviews are on the website that hosts okpil.com and they are positive though the lie that they have been sourced from trustpilot makes them appear fake.

These reviews are on the website that is managed by the owners of okpil.com and there is no way we can prove if they are from real customers. The name of the famous independent review site Trust Pilot has been dragged when displaying the reviews on the homepage to make the customers believe that these are independent reviews. The actual page on Trust Pilot dedicated to Okpil.com has zero reviews.

Okpil.com Blank Review Page on Trustpilot

Okpil.com Reviews 2018

I could not find any recent reviews from the customers who have been buying drugs from okpil.com. Even the reviews that are available appear fabricated as a result or mentioning that they were from the Trust Pilot platform which is a lie. It is possible that there are no customers who have been buying from okpil.com or that the customers who purchase from them are not encouraged leaving a feedback after completing their transactions.

Okpil.com Coupon Codes

Customers buying medications from okpil.com will benefit from a number of discounts that are currently active.

Okpil.com Free Shipping Offer

For all orders that will be over $90, the shipping will be free. This is contradicting as there is an info that indicates that the shipping of all orders is free regardless of the number of pills purchased.

Okpil.com Bonus Pills Offer

Customers will be given 30% bonus pills on all orders that will be placed. The higher the number of pills purchased, the higher the number of bonus pills that will be given.

There are some free samples that are on offer, though the criteria that will be used in issuing the pills have not been outlined. It possible that the pills will be given on request provided the customer pays for the shipping.

Okpil.com Free Samples Offer


Okpil.com is an online pharmacy that sells a limited variety of generic and brand medications most of which are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The prices are affordable though there is no indication that the drugs have been approved by the FDA. I tried opening an account and a message popped up showing that the connection was not secure which means that a third party could easily access the sensitive information provided by the customers when purchasing their medications. Looking at the reviews that were displayed on the homepage, it is evident that they are fake since it is claimed that they are from Trustpilot Independent review site which is untrue. This means that the customers who are purchasing medications from Online Pharmacy Europe are not guaranteed of getting effective medications within the agreed time.

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