My Review – Closed Internet Drugstore Moved to a New Domain was an online pharmacy whose website is no longer operational. It has moved to a new domain, Upon checking some write-ups for this e-dispensary, we only found negative ones. According to the information we gathered from the web archive, this website started operating sometime in 2004 and closed down in 2017. It was one of the longest running internet drug shops. A write up about this e-store revealed that it is a Canadian online pharmacy but it was operating from Amsterdam.

Unfortunately, the information we have for from web archive is very limited. Other than their home page, nothing can be loaded as web archive says they did not capture a copy of the said page.

From their main page, we found that this e-store offered a number of medicines during their run. They offered drugs for allergies, fungal infection, viral infection, antibiotics, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, gastrointestinal, hair loss, heart problems, and herbals among others. They also offered pain relief medication, sleeping aid, smoking aid, and weight loss pills.

On their main page, you can easily find your medication by going to its medical category (Erectile Dysfunction) and looking for the brand you need. If you already knew the name of the drug you need, you can also type it into the search box and hit enter. It will direct you to the page where you can order the said medicines, the dosages available and the pricing. You can choose the drug you need and proceed with the checkout.

For the erectile dysfunction medicines they used to offer, they have generic Viagra for $0.87 per pill, generic Cialis for $1.79 per pill, branded Viagra for $5.5 per pill, and Viagra Professional for $1.73 per pill. They also offered other ED medicines such as Tadapox, Suhagra, Zenegra, Viagra/Cialis Jelly, Silagra, Nizagara, Himcolin, Malegra DXT/FXT, Viagra/Cialis Soft, and Viagra/Levitra Plus. My Health 24 had one of the longest lists of available erectile dysfunction drugs being offered. We are also surprised to see Himcolin in their list as well as Erexin-V. These are not common ED medicines and are hard to find.

A credit card is the only accepted form of payment for They have a contact us page that customers can use for queries. A third-party review site mentioned about the hotline for My-health-24 but we are unable to retrieve the said information. Reviews is no longer active and some of its information is missing. We are lucky enough to find some customer reviews for this e-store though. Here are some of them.

My-health-24 Reviews

We a found a review shared by Jackson, John, and Nathan. For the first review, Jackson mentioned his doubts with online pharmacies and how he thought of My-health-24 as a scam. He still placed an order and was surprised when the orders arrived in his mailbox. Jackson ended up wondering where to use all of his medicines. He wished My-health-24 a good karma because of their good service.

John’s experience with My-health-24 was also positive. He was happy with this e-store because they did not ask him for a prescription. He said the service was good and that he received his medication on time.

As for Nathan, his order arrived after 7 days since he placed the order. Nathan was surprised and pleased because it was way too fast for an international delivery. In the end, Nathan promised to order again from My-health-24 and that he will be recommending this e-store to his friends.

These are very positive feedbacks for the service and products delivered by My-health-24. It was indeed a good experience for the men who used it. However, we cannot say that these are reliable and believable customer reviews because these were found on My-health-24 website, under their testimonial page. On-site reviews are often fake and could be written by the store owner to entice new customers and there is no guarantee that these are from real people who ordered from this e-store. Reviews 2018

With being closed down before 2018, we are unable to find any new reviews associated with this e-store. The information we gathered thru the internet archive is also limited as some information are no longer available. Coupon Codes

My-health-24 Specials

We are unable to find coupon codes that released in the last 13 years when they were still operating. Based on the data we found from the web archive, they only released specials to attract customers. What they released so far were special offers for erectile dysfunction drugs like free Viagra pills with every order.

These erectile dysfunction packs consisted of different ED medicine brands and consumers can get them at a very affordable price.

Conclusion was an online drugstore that aimed to help customers avail of affordable medication regardless of where they are. It is an international store that operated from Amsterdam. They offered different brands of medications for different medical categories. They were one of the online pharmacies that offered such a long list of medications.

My-health-24 drugstore operated for more than 10 years. Apparently, during their operation, they were not able to gain an approval and a recommendation from their customers.

Sharon Hawkins

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