Medstore Review – A Possibly Scam Store Seized in a Campaign to Eliminate Cheap Online Meds

Getting meds online requires any buyer to be sure that the drugstore he or she is sourcing the meds from is safe. Today, I will help you get to know much better. Med Store Checkout is a pharmacy whose location was undisclosed on its website. However, my research proved that there was a very high likelihood of the drugstore having its physical location in Germany. There was no information on the drugstore website regarding when it was founded. When writing this review, I had to use the website capture on web archives. The pharmacy has already been captured by the authorities.

According to the information placed on the captured website, the drugstore had been captured because it was involved in the trafficking of counterfeit meds. A simple research showed me that the big pharma was behind the closure of The big pharma is not happy about the fact that buyers now have the ability to access cheap meds online. Local pharmacies have been losing customers at a very high rate. The only solution they have found is to try and close cheaper drugstores so that they can eliminate the cheaper alternatives. They know that without the cheaper alternatives, buyers will be forced by their health issues to buy the uber expensive meds the local pharmacies sell. has a fairly wide catalog. Some of the meds I found on the drugstore catalog include ADD and ADHD medications, asthma meds, diabetes drugs, anti-depressants, antibiotics, anti-coagulants, and others. The most popular meds on the drugstore appeared to have been the pills which males utilize in the treatment of ED. I checked the price at which pills were being sold in order to determine whether was an affordable pharmacy. A pill of generic Cialis was being sold at a price of only 0.99 dollars. Generic Viagra was worth $0.88 per pill while generic Levitra was being sold at a price of only $1.8 per pill. These prices show that Med Store Checkout was affordable. Buyers were supposed to pay for their meds using credit cards.

The pharmacy was offering 2 shipping methods. These included the Express delivery and the registered airmail. The express delivery took a shorter time to deliver meds since drugs were always shipped within a period of 7 to 14 business days. When meds were shipped using the airmail method, they took approximately 30 days before reaching the buyer. EMS delivery cost buyers 29.95 dollars. had a 100% money back guarantee. Buyers whose medications failed to arrive were being offered a full refund. The refund was being reflected on the customer’s credit card after a period of about 6 days. If failed to refund non-delivered medications, buyers had the ability to dispute the charges made to their credit cards and get their money back. Contacting appeared to have been easy. The pharmacy had a live chat option and a phone number. The number that buyers could have used was +1 888 228 2003. Reviews

In my attempt to determine how safe Med Store Checkout was, I decided to check the drugstore testimonials. Even after searching for the pharmacy reviews for a while, I did not locate them. Ordering meds from a pharmacy that lacks testimonials is not recommended. I have come across numerous pharmacies which look real but they are actually scam stores. The only way to tell a fake pharmacy from a real one is through their reviews.

It is good to not trust every drugstore testimonials you come across online. I have come across numerous reviews which were very positive on a drugstore official website. After researching the pharmacy, I realized it was fake. Trusting on-site testimonials is not recommended. The best reviews a buyer can trust should be available on an external reviews site since these cannot be manipulated. Reviews 2018

Med Store Checkout was captured before 2018. This means that its 2018 testimonials were never available. I decided to check the pharmacy domain address on scam detecting programs. The first program I used is Scam Adviser. I have indicated the results that I got below:

Medstore-checkout Scam Adviser Report was hiding its physical location. Scam Adviser could not determine whether the pharmacy had its actual physical location in Germany or in the Russian Federation. From experience, high-quality drugstores never have the need to keep their physical location hidden. had a very low trust rating. Next, I checked on the Legit script. was labeled by Legit Script as a pharmacy that did not meet the requirements of a high-quality internet pharmacy. Buying meds from the pharmacy could have been risky. Coupon Codes was one of the few online pharmacies which have on-site coupon codes and other offers. I have captured the drugstore coupon code below:

Medstore-checkout Coupon Code

The pharmacy was allowing its customers to save 15% on all their meds if they used the coupon code C598AC7A. By the time the pharmacy got seized, the coupon code was still active. I have captured the next offer I found on the pharmacy website below:

Medstore-checkout Free Pills

The drugstore was offering its faithful customers a chance to save even more money via free pills. Buyers who returned to order for the second time got 30% extra pills.

Conclusion appears to have been an untrustworthy drugstore. The pharmacy did not have testimonials to prove its legitimacy. Also, the programs I used to scan its domain address showed that the drugstore was very risky to order meds from. The pharmacy had low prices for the generic pills it sold. Med Store Checkout has been closed by the Big Pharma as it tries to force people to pay for its overly expensive pills.

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