Low testosterone natural remedies

After the age of thirty, testosterone levels decrease by an average 1% per year, and in seventies, they can be lowered by as much as 50%. The main cause of the reduction in the amount of hormones in the male body is aging, but this trend may accelerate as a result of unhealthy living habits, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, stress and various diseases and disorders (for example obstructive apnea during sleep). Testosterone therapy and natural remedies can mitigate the consequences of hormonal changes. Low testosterone natural remedies are change of habits, proper diet and regular exercise.

Proper diet is one of the most effective low testosterone natural remedies. You should get rid of the extra pounds if you have a problem with that. Extra kilograms are causing misbalance of estrogen and testosterone. However, you should not lose weight rapidly. It is the best to lose weight in amount of one pound a day because that way you will avoid starvation. You should also avoid diets with low percent of carbohydrates and high level of protein because they reduce the production of testosterone. For optimal testosterone levels, the average person of 80 kilograms should enter 2900 calories and 140 grams of protein. You need to eat more walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, because researches have shown that men who eat more monounsaturated fats have higher testosterone values. If you have problems with a lack of testosterone, you should avoid alcoholic drinks. The proportion of fat in the diet should be about 30 percent. This is because testosterone is produced in the body from the good cholesterol.

Change of your everyday habits is also one of the best low testosterone natural remedies. Studies have shown that the state of erection increases testosterone levels. Morning sex is a good way to maintain a high value of testosterone throughout the day and helps you lose weight. If you have a problem with a lack of testosterone, you need to eat regularly and do not skip meals. The body needs a constant flow of calories to produce testosterone. You need sleep of at least 7-8 hours a day. The quality and quantity of sleep also affect the value of morning testosterone, which is very important for daily functioning.

Low testosterone natural remedies – Exercise

Regular exercise is another one of low testosterone natural remedies. It is necessary to keep exercising. The entire exercises (bench press, squat, dead lift) that involve large muscle groups, will increase the level of testosterone more than the exercise of small muscles (biceps and triceps). Therefore, doing squats promotes growth of other muscles. You need to practice with five reps per set, but not with a weight of three kilograms. You should start with a weight with which you can make a maximum of five repetitions. That weight is about 85 percent of the maximum weight for one repetition. You need to do three sets of each exercise. The effect of testosterone is more favorable than in the case of one or two series. You need to rest for one minute between sets in order to get enough power to continue to exercise with at least 70 percent of maximum weight in one repetition during the second and third series.


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