Europeantablets Review – A Closed European ED Med Shop with Minimal Proven Testimonials is an online drugstore that appears to have had its physical location in Europe. This is suggested by its name and also the fact that the medication prices are in Euros. The pharmacy did not indicate when it was founded on its website. However, judging by the outdated look of the pharmacy website, it must have been around since the early 2000s. This online drugstore was only focused on solving problems experienced by males suffering from Erectile dysfunction. Its catalog carried medications for treating impotence only. None of these meds were brand medications.

The prices offered by European Tablets were affordable. If a buyer decided to purchase generic Cialis to treat impotence on the drugstore, he would be required to pay 1.83 dollars. A pill of generic Levitra was worth 2.14 dollars while generic Viagra was worth 1.46 dollars. These prices were not the lowest on the internet. However, they appear affordable. Numerous men will have the ability to pay the prices without having to struggle too much. The drugstore could have been appealing to men suffering from ED since it did not require a prescription in order to dispense medications.

The pharmacy was offering a variety of payment methods. These included credit cards, Bank wire transfer, E-check, Western Union, and MoneyGram. The only method I would have preferred to use if I were sourcing my meds from the drugstore is credit cards. This is because If I ever failed to get my meds, I could contact my credit card provider and have them dispute the charges so that I can get my money back.

The pharmacy was shipping only in Europe. The methods of shipping it used remained unclear to me. The pharmacy did not provide information about the money the buyers would need to pay for the shipment of their meds. The drugstore stated that the meds would take about 10 to 17 days to arrive. They also indicated that the meds could also arrive in as little as only 5 days. All the meds available on the site were being shipped from Indian manufacturers.

If after placing an order the buyer felt like he needed to cancel it, he could do this within the first 24 hours since the time he placed the order. After the 24 hours had elapsed, the drugstore would not process any order cancellation requests. To cancel an order, the buyer was required to contact the customer support department via the contact page. The pharmacy was offering a full refund for all meds which failed to reach the consumer. The customer would also need to alert the customer support department in case of a non-delivery so that the refund can be initiated. The drugstore indicated that the refund could take about 5 to 7 days.

Contacting European Tablets customer support department appeared to have been easy. The pharmacy had a live support feature on its website. I did not get to try it out since the drugstore is already offline. Buyers could also use a phone number to call. The phone number presented on the pharmacy website was +44 870 490 0612. Reviews

I searched the internet looking for any testimonials which could help me figure out whether offered great customer services. Although I could not locate numerous testimonials on external websites, I managed to locate one testimonial. The testimonial was very positive. I have captured it below:

Europeantablets User Testimonial

Samuel from the United Kingdom calls a reputable European pharmacy. He has rated the drugstore 5 stars. He searched the web looking for a reliable supplier. He reports that he first read numerous reviews about different drugstores before settling for He ordered 90 tablets of Cialis 20mg and 32 pills of Kamagra. He paid extra money to enable tracking of his order. The medications took 5 days to arrive in the UK. He thought this was excellent. By the time he wrote his review, he reports that he had already tried the Cialis delivered and it worked great for him. He says he has never called the customer support department. He reports that ordering was easy for him and the delivery proved to be excellent. The product worked just as described. Reviews 2018

Although I cannot give a specific date, appears to have disappeared from the web way before 2018. Its reviews in 2018 are, therefore, not available. However, I found some testimonials which were available on its website. I have captured a couple below:

Europeantablets Testimonials

Both Ken and Curt are pleased with the services they received from Ken received his Cialis pills which worked great for him. Curt’s medications had been delayed. However, when they finally arrived, he realized that they had been delayed by the postal services, not the pharmacy.

On-site testimonials are not worth trusting. There are scam pharmacies which create fake testimonials to lure in unsuspecting customers. The reviews you should trust should be on an external review collecting site. Coupon Codes

Europeantablets Offers did not have any coupon codes. However, the pharmacy had some offers on its website. I have captured these below:

The drugstore was offering 2 free Kamagra oral jelly sachets. Buyers who spent more money on their ED meds were getting 4 free Kamagra oral jelly sachets. The store was also offering free shipping to buyers who bought meds worth more than 234.03 dollars (200 Euros).

Conclusion lacked numerous third-party site testimonials. However, the review I found was overly positive. Great drug stores will have numerous positive external sites testimonials. The pharmacy had positive testimonials on its official website. These are not worth trusting since online drug stores have been known to create fake reviews. The store had fair prices and it also accepted credit cards as a mode of payment. Buyers had the ability to dispute their charges whenever the store failed to deliver.

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