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EEE Pharmacy was an online medicine source that started out in the business back in the year 2010 and managed to stay in business until the year 2016. Its six (6) years on the web allowed it to sell effective and affordable medicines to people all over the world who were looking for cheaper alternatives to the costly drugs at the local pharmacies. What EEE Pharmacy provided were generic medicines—drugs which had the exact same active ingredients and composition as the branded meds except that they were a lot cheaper. The generic meds sold by EEE Pharmacy were cheaper by 90% compared to the branded drugs which were available at the local drugstores and this is what made its products sought after by its clients. People enjoyed a lot of savings in purchasing medicines from its website and this enabled them to get their desired quantity of the drugs that they needed.

It was just unfortunate that EEE Pharmacy no longer exists as an online pharmacy because of the government-supported campaign launched by the corporate drugstore chains and large pharmaceutical companies to close online drugstores down. This was because thousands of other online pharmacies like EEE Pharmacy became huge threats to the existence of local drugstores due to their very low medicine prices. Since people who used to purchase their meds from the local pharmacies switched over to the online drugstores, these large companies felt the drop in their profits. This went on for years until these huge companies decided to make a move by stomping the competition down. Partnering with various international government agencies, these huge companies were successful in their drive to shut down the independently-operating online pharmacies. As a result, many pharmacy sites were seized and forcefully closed down and many people lost their reliable online medicine sources. EEE Pharmacy was one of those sites that were seized and visiting its domain name would indeed show that it was confiscated by the US government and other authorities. This event was indeed a huge loss on the part of the customers, but there was nothing more that can be done to restore EEE Pharmacy back to how it previously was.

It was indeed disappointing to many of its customers that EEE Pharmacy no longer exists as it was a good place to buy medicines from. It never required its customers to provide prescriptions, allowing them to buy the prescription drugs that they needed without having to have an appointment with their doctors and pay costly consultation fees. Shoppers at EEE Pharmacy simply went to the checkout page for the payment of their purchases with no other requirement than their valid address and their payment details. By not requiring prescriptions, customers of EEE Pharmacy were able to save a lot of time and money for their other needs.

Although this was the case, EEE Pharmacy still urged its customers to first get themselves checked by their doctors before using the prescription meds that they have bought from its site. This was because, without proper guidance from a medical professional, the use of prescription drugs could be dangerous to the health. EEE Pharmacy only took the prescriptions out of the requirements of purchasing medicines to make it easier for its clients but its priority was still the health of its customers.

Under the medicine categories which were available at EEE Pharmacy were drugs that were frequently used by many, drugs that are popular and on-demand which is why its site was a place where people effortlessly purchased their meds. Like other online pharmacies, EEE Pharmacy allowed the people to buy their meds without having to go out, giving them the convenience of buying their meds from wherever they were. It didn’t matter if they were at work, at home, or at play, they were able to conveniently purchase their drugs online and have them delivered to their location. Reviews

Since the web didn’t yield any useful results concerning third-party user reviews for EEE Pharmacy, what we’ll be using for analysis would be reviews that were found on its testimonials page on the web archives. These are still reviews but they’re not as reliable as the third party reviews as these ones were likely to have already been edited by the administrators of the site to make the website appealing to the customers. But even if this is the case, we’ll check them and see what they have to say for EEE Pharmacy.

EEE Pharmacy User Reviews
EEE Pharmacy User Reviews

The first to give a review was a customer named Mike and the reason for the review that he gave to EEE Pharmacy was to simply inform the site that he already received his orders. He was also impressed with the speed that his orders were delivered to him because the delivery only took a short period of time.

As for the customer with the initials of “DN”, he was grateful for the follow-up that he has received from the customer service department of EEE Pharmacy concerning the pills that he has ordered. Now that he has already received them, he was pleased with the results. Review 2018

There would no longer be any reviews for EEE Pharmacy since its site has already been seized and is no longer functional. For those users who would like to check how its site looked like before it was closed down, they can go to the web archives and search for the domain name of EEE Pharmacy. Coupon Codes

EEE Pharmacy Free Pills and Free Shipping
EEE Pharmacy Free Pills and Free Shipping

Other than the affordable and effective medicines at EEE Pharmacy, customers also enjoyed getting free pills with their orders. And for those whose orders had an amount totaling to over $150 USD, their purchases were shipped free of any delivery charges.


EEE Pharmacy was an online pharmacy that made it possible for the customers to purchase effective drugs at low prices by offering generics. Sadly, its site was seized by the US government and various other international agencies back in 2016 due to the campaign that was launched by corporate drugstore chains and pharma companies. But customers would still find other dependable online pharmacies on our list of top recommended providers.

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