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Easy.md is an online pharmacy that was set up in 2004 and is located in Port Vial, Vanuatu. They claim to stock generic equivalent of the brand medications that have been approved by the FDA though it is not clear whether the medications are approved like their brand counterparts.

EasyMD stocks a wide range of medications that are classified in accordance to the various complications for which they will be prescribed. You will not be able to purchase the brand Viagra since easy.md only stocks generic medications. 28*100mg pills of generic Viagra will be sold at $124.99. Cialis is also in stock and 20*20mg pills will cost $105.99. To know if the drug you wish to buy is in stock, you will click on the classification and all the available medications in that category will be displayed. The main classifications include Allergies, Men’s health, Antidepressants, Antibiotics, Cancer, Cholesterol, HIV, Muscle Relaxers, Diabetes, Herpes, Skin Care, and Weight Loss, among others. You will not be required to provide a prescription for any purchase.

The payment for the medications can be done by use of Visa, MasterCard, or an eCheck. The amount will only be deducted one the order has been successfully processed. However, there is a contradiction as one of the customers claims that easy.md refused to accept his visa card as a form of payment and informed him that payment could only be made by use of an eCheck.

Shipping of medications from EasyMD can be done to any destination all over the world and it is done without any charges. The shipping will be done within 24 hours after successfully processing the payment and a notification will be sent to you to that effect. If the medications will be lost while on transit, easy.md will reship the medications without any extra charges to the client.

If you receive medications and for any reason, you are not contented with them, they cannot be returned to Easy MD. You can, however, contact easy.md and the medications will be replaced for free. A refund for defective medications is at the discretion of easy.md and they will try every other means before a decision to refund the value of the medications is reached.

To contact Easy MD, you can engage the customer service team in a live chat, make a call using the toll-free line, or type your message in the contact form that has been provided on the website. I tried initiating a live chat and was unable to connect. It could be that it has been deactivated or there is a problem with the connection. I went an extra mile and made a phone call to easy.md but the call went unanswered as well. It seems there is a problem with the communication between Easy MD and their customers is not very reliable.

Easy.md Reviews

Easy.md has received mixed reviews regarding the way that customers’ orders are handled.

JhnHursh gave them a four-star rating because they were very slow when it came to the delivery of medications. It seems the medications were effective and was only unhappy because they took so long to deliver.

Gerald661 says that easy
Gerald661 says that easy

Gerald661 says that easy.md lied to him and never delivered his order. They also do not answer phone calls or respond to the emails sent. He is also unhappy that the tracking number that he could have used to track his order was never issued making lose the medications and the money he had spent in paying for the drugs.

Kaibolger says that easy.med is a fraud. They took her money and never sent her medications. They will not respond to any call and there is no customer service representative to engage in a live chat. Her advice to anyone who wishes to buy medications to look for another online pharmacy as easy.md will only take the money equivalent to the medications ordered and never deliver the drugs.

According to these reviews, it is clear that the delivery of the orders has a problem as customers either do not get the medications or if they do, it is after waiting for a prolonged period. The situation is made worse by the lack of communication and customers feel that their rights have been violated.

Easy.md Reviews

Easy.md Reviews 2018

It seems there are more complaints than compliments regarding the services offered at easy.md.

A client who is a resident of the United States says that easy.md is a fraudulent and a disgrace. On placing his order, he was informed that the drugs were in stock and would be delivered in 21 days. One month after, the order was yet to be delivered and all the attempts to contact easy.md were in vain. He would not recommend anyone to buy medications from easy.md.

Easy.md Reviews

Easy.md Coupon codes

Easy.md does not have any active coupon codes that customer can apply on their orders. The delivery of the medications is free which will enable one to save on the transportation fee he would have spent moving to and from a local pharmacy.

There is also an indication that a person who will order from easy.md will be able to save 70% of the amount he would have spent in a local pharmacy.

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Easy.md is an online pharmacy that sells generic medications at affordable prices. The shipping of the medication is free and one will be able to get his medications regardless of where he is located all over the world. Easy MD claims that the medications are as effective as their brand counterparts that have been approved by the FDA. Looking at the reviews that have been submitted by customers, it is clear that the shipping process is too slow and sometimes, the drugs are not delivered. There are also numerous complaints regarding the communication between Easy MD as the live chat is not active, emails are not answered, and calls go unanswered as well.

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