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Drugsfromcanada.com is a web-based pharmacy that sells effective and quality medicines at low costs. Like what’s said on its domain name, drugsfromcanada.com is based in Canada, just over the border of the United States. It is a favorite of many American customers because of the big savings that they get. Compared to buying at their local pharmacies, customers who get their meds at drugsfromcanada.com saves a lot of money; up to 90% of the amount that they used to spend. It’s just unfortunate that drugsfromcanada.com has already closed down and its customers can no longer access its site. The reason for its closing down is still unknown since no mention was made by the site before it disappeared. But whatever that reason may be, it may have closed down for good or it may have moved to a different domain name, we can only speculate.

The reason for the cheapness of the products of drugsfromcanada.com back when it was still in operation is due to the fact that what they are selling are generic medicines. Generic meds, compared to the branded ones, are not so different at all since they only vary in appearance but still bear the same generic name. Generic drugs have the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts and also has the same formulation and potency, making them equally effective as the costly brand-name meds. Drugsfromcanada.com has a huge selection of generic medicines and a large part of its product range is dedicated to generic medications. What’s even better is that these generic drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, assuring the users that these drugs are inspected and proven to be effective and safe.

On the front page of its website, what the buyers will immediately see being promoted by drugsfromcanada.com are pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The most popular brand today in the market is Viagra, followed by Cialis and Levitra. But as mentioned earlier, what drugsfromcanada.com sells are generic medicines so these ED pills are generic versions of the costly branded ED drugs. These pills cost quite a fortune at local pharmacies and have a price that ranges from $69 to $90 USD per pill. But with drugsfromcanada.com offering these meds for as low as $0.35 USD per pill, it’s not hard to understand why many customers used to purchase their medicines here when it was still active. ED pills are the bestsellers of drugsfromcanada.com and they also require no prescriptions from their customers who buy them unlike at local drugstores where it is mandatory.

Customers who used to have questions or had encountered problems while using its site have called its customer service hotlines to get assistance from its representatives. The hotline that it has provided for US clients is +1 800 715 5341 and for customers from Europe, the number that its clients have called is +44 203 318 5981. Drugsfromcanada.com also used to cater to customers around the world as it ships to any location internationally. For clients who will be purchasing medicines with a total amount of $200 USD and up, they can have their orders shipped for free as drugsfromcanada.com offers free shipping for large orders.

Drugsfromcanada.com Reviews

Drugsfromcanada.com Reviews

When it was still actively operating as an online pharmacy, drugsfromcanada.com received a good number of positive reviews from its customers who were pleased with the service that it gives.

Among the customers who were happy with ordering at drugsfromcanada.com is Mohammed Farooq, informing the store that he has already received the medicines that he has ordered. He wanted to thank the staff of the site as well for their continuous coordination with him until he finally received his ordered meds. Mohammed closes his review by mentioning that he appreciates the service that he got from drugsfromcanada.com.

A customer by the name of Jim Eiland was also thankful to drugsfromcanada.com because the products that he ordered worked effectively for him. He managed to get his ordered meds from the post office since he was out of town when the products were delivered. Although he mentions that it took quite a while before his orders arrived (3 weeks or so), he’s still thankful overall.

Zak Dishmon, on the other hand, was happy because the product arrived quickly and was also satisfied with the results that he got in using his ordered meds.

It’s also the same for William Garner as he is thankful to drugsfromcanada.com for the great results that he got in using the medicines that he has purchased. He mentioned no specifics about the drug that he bought just like the previous reviews but he’s grateful for the results that he achieved.

As convincing these reviews may be, users can never be 100% sure that these reviews are real since they have originated from the site itself. Third-party reviews could’ve been much better.

Drugsfromcanada.com Reviews 2018

Drugsfromcanada.com started out in the online pharmacy business for as early as 2002 but had closed down early 2018 after 16 years. Recent reviews for the site is no longer available because of the very limited archived information about it. The only obtainable information about its site on the archives is its front page and beyond it, there is no more info that can be looked up. When it was still on its glory days, drugsfromcanada.com have enjoyed lots of positive reviews from its clients but now that it’s no longer active as a site, users might as well find a different source for their meds.

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Drugsfromcanada.com Free Pills

Regardless of the amount of the medicines that they have purchased, customers of drugsfromcanada.com are entitled to get free ED pills of their own choosing. They can either choose Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, whichever of the three brands they are more convenient for using.


Drugsfromcanada.com was a good place for buying drugs because of the affordable prices that it offers. Most of its products are generic meds, medicines that gives the customers up to 90% savings compared to purchasing branded drugs at local pharmacies. The customer reviews for the site were also great, a testament to the good service that it has provided when it was still active. Since drugsfromcanada.com is already closed, customers can instead visit our top list of recommended providers.

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