Copy of 286 Drugs Review – Started in 2008 and Closed in 2017 was an online platform that catered to consumers from all corners of the world, selling them quality generic medicines that were at least 50% cheaper than their local drugstore counterparts. Drugs 24 H had a store name of “Online Pharmacy”, which I thought was an ambiguous name considering there are a lot of “Online Pharmacy”-named shops on the web.

On my last visit on Drugs 24 H, instead of the store’s website, I was welcomed by an error message stating that the domain can’t be found. I thought this was a glitch on my network, but I was surprised that the store was really out of order since it’s still non-functional even after I used a proxy site (which usually resolves the problem). My next step was to search for relevant reports regarding the disappearance of Drugs 24 H on the web, but sadly, there was no concrete evidence when it came to what happened to the shop. There were author blogs regarding Drugs 24 H, but none of them were able to shine light on why Drugs 24 H closed down.

According to Drugs 24 H details on the internet archive, Drugs 24 H first existed in 2008; however, the store may have existed earlier than 2008 but since the shop did not have an about page which should have indicated the store’s real inception date, I can’t verify if  the store was created earlier than 2008.

As for the products on Drugs 24 H, the most popular ones included the following:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.79 per pill
  • Generic Cialis: $1.25 per pill
  • Generic Levitra: $1.72 per pill
  • Generic Amoxil: $0.48 per pill
  • Generic Priligy: $2.38 per pill

Apart from the items featured by the store, Drugs 24 H also had medicines for almost every sort of medical condition. From simple allergies to complex diseases like HIV, Drugs 24 H had affordable generic items for its buyers.

Concerning prescriptions, Drugs 24 H mentioned that it required Rx for some of its products. However, I think the shop did not really require anything from its consumers since none of its products have had an “Rx-only” label, which was the case with most online drugstores that usually required prescriptions from their users.

Payments credited by the store Drugs 24 H included credit card payments, MoneyGram, and Western Union. Regarding shipping, Drugs 24 H offered a standard airmail service and a courier service option. The airmail option cost $9.95 while the courier (express) option cost $29.95.

No refunds were allowed by Drugs 24 H, but the store encouraged its users to connect via live chat, phone, or email in the case of any problems so the shop may process reshipments and refunds whenever applicable. Reviews

I checked for third-party reviews discussing Drugs 24 H service and while I found authored blogs featuring Drugs 24 H, none of these blog articles were created by buyers who have had first-hand experience with Drugs 24 H. Because of this, I resorted to using the store’s on-site comments although I know they aren’t absolutely reliable.

Examples of on-site reviews published on Drugs 24 H included the following:

Drugs 24 H Reviews
Drugs 24 H Reviews

Most of the reviews found on Drugs 24 H were positive and brief, and most of the comments were from thankful clients who were able to receive their orders from the store.

According to one user named Paul, his orders arrived and that his transaction with Drugs 24 H was successful.

Carmel and Steven S, on the one hand, highlighted Drugs 24 H’s good customer service. According to them, the store’s customer support team was kind and helpful.

KW, another client, commented on Drugs 24 H’s products instead of discussing the transit time and the customer support. According to this user, the meds he ordered from Drugs 24 H were effective and gave him no side effects. Reviews 2018

Drugs 24 H closed down in 2017 so the shop did not have any customer comments beyond that year – well, I think this is the case considering no one could have bought anything from Drugs 24 H in 2018 since it is closed in that year.

Scamner Analysis for Drugs 24 H
Scamner Analysis for Drugs 24 H

Since there were no reviews for Drugs 24 H on the web, I tried using third-party web assessment platforms to check up on this online pharmacy.

According to the analysis for Drugs 24 H, the shop had good qualities like a) long service/more than 3 years of web operation, b) having an SSL certificate, and finally, c) it wasn’t called out by Google for being a scam store.

However, Scamner also had concerns about Drugs 24 H, like for instance, its low number of visitors, its non-ideal location, and its seemingly untrustworthy character. Coupon Codes

Drugs 24 H did not have coupon codes but it had other offers in store for its clients:

Drugs 24 H Free Pills
Drugs 24 H Free Pills

According to the information on Drugs 24 H, buyers were given free pills IF they order at least 60 pills of ED products.

Drugs 24 H Loyalty Discounts
Drugs 24 H Loyalty Discounts

Drugs 24 H has also offered loyalty discounts for its returning buyers – customers can receive up to 8% discounts on their orders.


Drugs 24 H is a 2008-incepted store (at least that’s what the archives revealed) that sold various generic products to its consumers. Drugs 24 H did not have third-party reviews from its buyers and only had on-site reviews; and while the store was famous with internet pharmacy bloggers, Drugs 24 H has received a mixed reception from authors.

Since Drugs 24 H is now a closed shop, I think it’s best for users to look for existing reliable stores to consider for their purchases. I suggest you try shops included on our roster of TOP Online Drugstores since stores included on this list are the crème de la crème.

Sharon Hawkins

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