Canadianpharmacyking Review – Cheap and Effective Medications Online is an online drugstore that was set up in 2003. The headquarters is in British Columbia Canada where all the prescriptions are processed and dispensed to various locations all over the world. There is also an indication that works with other international online pharmacies for the supply of medications. Some of these fulfillment centers are located in Singapore, Turkey, the UK, New Zealand, and also Mauritius.

Canadian Pharmacy King has been certified by Pharmacy Checker and CIPA as a reputable online pharmacy after meeting all the set requirements. You will be able to get both generic and brand medications but there is no indication that these drugs have been approved by the FDA. Drugs that have the Rx label will only be dispensed if one has a prescription but for the ones marked as OTC, no prescription is required. stocks a wide range of medications that are classified differently. One of the main categories is the men health that will include erectile dysfunction medications under which Viagra is classified. 8*100mg Viagra pills will be sold at $195 whereas 8*20mg Cialis pills will be sold at $225. It seems Cialis is more expensive at than the brand Viagra. The other drug classifications include antidepressants, arthritis and anti-inflammatory, birth control, blood pressure drugs, Cancer medications, women’s health, cholesterol medications, and eye care.

To pay for the medications purchased at Canadian Pharmacy King, you can use Visa, MasterCard, Personal Checks, and International Money Orders. A money order that is written, ‘Negotiable only in the US’ will not be accepted by

The shipping of medications should take between 10 and 18 days through the standard shipping but this will depend on other factors like customs check as the package will pass through different countries. A standard charge of $10 will be charged for every package and not per medications that will be delivered to the US. Shipping to other destination will be charged a standard charge of $25 but this will be subject to other restrictions as well.

Once the medications have been delivered, it will not be possible to return them to for any reason. Canadian Pharmacy King says that international laws do not permit them to accept medications once they have been dispensed as a way of protecting the customers who buy medications. Customers are advised to be sure of the medications they are ordering from to avoid the inconvenience of buying the wrong medications.

To contact Canadian Pharmacy King, one can make a call using the number that has been provided, send a fax message or use the email address that is provided on the website. There is also the option of sending a mail through the postal address that has been provided at the website. I could not find an option of a live chat and this means the easiest way to make contact is by calling. Reviews

There are many reviews that have been submitted from customers who have purchased medication from Canadian Pharmacy King.

JBinfi is a happy customer after placing his order at He had reached a point where he could no longer afford to pay for his heart medications from a local pharmacy due to the increase in the cost of Crestor. Canadian Pharmacy King came through for him by selling a Crestor pill at $0.425. The pills were delivered in ten days and he confirmed that they were the same as the medications he used to purchase at a high price in a local pharmacy. The seal is intact and he said he would write another review telling if the medications were effective.

Rayto is another happy customer who says that the process of placing an order at is simple. In only two days, his order had been processed and delivered to him which was amazing. He says that it is a pleasure doing business with

Jimbony has been buying medications from Canadian Pharmacy King for the past seven years and has always had a great time. The prices are low compared to other pharmacies and the shipping is also quick as well. He adds that even when uses international fulfillment centers for the supply of his medications, the drugs are effective.

Canadianpharmacyking Reviews Reviews 2018

The recent review from is negative.

Dr. Menkin says that he needed a pet medication which was supposed to be administered to his pet in four weeks. He was extremely careful not to make any mistakes that would lead to the delay of his order. He even went as far as making a call to confirm the receipt of the order and he received a notification that his order would be delivered within 21 days. After one week, he was contacted and informed that they do not deal with pet medications and his order would not be shipped which was very unprofessional.

Canadianpharmacyking Reviews Coupon Codes

There are several active coupon codes at that will make customers save more on their medications.

Canadianpharmacyking Coupon codes

For every customer who will make a purchase for the first time, he will get a 5% discount.

There is also a 5% discount on Coreg heart medication.

Canadian Pharmacy King also offers a lifetime free delivery to every customer who will be willing to pay a one-time cost of $50.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that has been a reliable source of medications and one that has a lot of positive reviews. There are also other customers who find Canadian Pharmacy King quite unprofessional for saying that they will deliver their medications only to send a message later saying that they do not deal with such kind of medications. There is also a contradiction in the payment where it is clearly indicated that they will accept visa as a means of payment but some customers have been denied the chance to use them as a medium of payment. The medications that are stocked have not been verified by the FDA though the customers who have used them claim they are very effective.

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