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Canadian Pharmacy Cheap is a web drugstore that has been operating since the year 2004. The pharmacy has already managed to stay in business for close to a decade and a half. This is something I found to be quite impressive. Pharmacies which offer fake meds or mediocre services to their customers usually end up failing in a just a short period of time. Just as the drugstore name suggests, the pharmacy has its physical location in Canada. According to its website, the drugstore has already managed to get approval from the CIPA and MIPA which are the two most popular Canadian pharmacy regulatory bodies. only offers medications which have already received the FDA approval. The med store has a huge catalog. The meds I found on this extensive catalog include erectile dysfunction meds, allergy medication, anti-viral drugs, anxiety meds, arthritis drugs, asthma meds, pain relief meds, and others.

The medications which appeared to be popular on the drugstore catalog were the erectile dysfunction meds. I decided to use the price of these medications to gauge whether the pharmacy is affordable. For a pill of brand Viagra, you will need to pay $3.04. A pill of brand Cialis will cost you $3.61. Generic Viagra will cost the buyer $0.36 per tablet while generic Cialis will cost the buyer $0.76 per pill. These prices are not the lowest I have found online. However, I found them to be very fair.

Paying for your meds at is secure. The drugstore only accepts credit cards. The accepted credit cards include American Express and VISA. The drugstore also accepts ECheck. The main Canadian Pharmacy Cheap website lacks an SSL encryption. This was a huge concern to me since I didn’t want my credit card details to be stolen while I paid for my meds. However, after adding some medications to the cart and then clicking the checkout button, I was redirected to a secure site which had an SSL encryption.

Shipping of medications from Canadian Pharmacy Cheap is done via two main methods. These are standard Airmail and EMS courier. The standard Airmail is cheap. It will require you to pay 10 dollars. The meds will, however, take longer to arrive when you compare the shipping method with the EMS shipping. When using the Airmail methods, meds will arrive in about 2 to 3 business weeks. When you choose the EMS method, you will have to pay double the price of Airmail. The price you pay is 20 dollars. Medications will arrive faster since they will only take 3 to 8 business days. does not accept returns. However, the drugstore offers to re-ship damaged meds and also offer refunds for medications which never reach the customer. To be eligible for a refund, you will need to contact the Canadian Pharmacy Cheap customer support department either via their phone numbers or via the email by filling out the contact form available on the contact page. The phone numbers to use are +1 760 284 3222 for US customers and +4420 3286 3820 for the customers located in the EU region. Reviews

Online pharmacies do make a lot of promises on their official websites. These promises are made with the aim of encouraging you to buy from the drugstore. Therefore, believing the promises would not be very wise. The best thing to check before deciding whether to shop at a pharmacy or not is the reviews. I looked for Canadian Pharmacy Cheap testimonials on third-party sites but I couldn’t locate any. However, the pharmacy had nice testimonials on the official sites. Though I do not believe in the 100% authenticity of the on-site comments, I have captured a couple below:

Canadian-pharmacy-cheap Reviews

Nathan from the United Kingdom is pleased with the delivery services offered by Canadian Pharmacy Cheap. His meds were delivered in a period of 7 days. He says that offers an impressive service. He will be ordering from the drugstore again.

Eric from Spain says that helped him get his sex life back. After arriving home from his road trip he found that Canadian Pharmacy cheap had already delivered his pills including 4 bonus pills. Eric is pleased with both the service and products offered by Reviews 2018

The reviews available on Canadian Pharmacy Cheap have no date or time-stamp. The reviews I have included below may not reflect how the pharmacy operates in 2018.

Canadian-pharmacy-cheap User Feedback

Evan from the USA reports that his meds were delivered to him within a period of 1 week. The drugstore even threw in 4 extra pills as a bonus. The pills worked great for him. Gavin from Germany reports that he received his Viagra pills. He tested the meds and his date was very satisfied. She even wants to get together twice every week. Gavin is thankful to Canadian Pharmacy Cheap for changing his life. He is also happy with the money he saves when purchasing ED meds from Coupon Codes

Canadian-pharmacy-cheap Offers

Canadian Pharmacy Cheap does not have coupon codes on its official website and also on third-party sites. However, the pharmacy has offers on its website. These offers coupled with the fair prices the drugstore offers may make buying from Canadian Pharmacy Cheap attractive. I have captured the drugstore offers below:

With every order you purchase at, you will get free Viagra pills. For people who manage to purchase meds worth more than 200 dollars, their shipping is covered by the pharmacy.


The prices offered by Canadian Pharmacy Cheap are really attractive. The drugstore does have a wide catalog which makes it easier for buyers to locate all their meds. The pharmacy does not require the buyer to have a prescription in order to buy meds. However, the drugstore lacks any proven reviews. The only testimonials available are the ones on its site. These may be fake and hence believing them is not recommended. To stay safe, order your meds from stores with proven testimonials.

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