Canada Review – A Drugstore with Great Prices That Didn’t Earn a Good Reputation Yet

Canada Pharmacy 365 is an online drugstore that claims to have its physical location in Canada. The drugstore has been operating since the year 2004. This means that people have been buying drugs from the pharmacy for almost a decade and a half.

This store stock medication which has already received FDA approval. The drugstore has a huge catalog. Some of the meds I located on the catalog include erectile dysfunction meds, diabetes medication, blood pressure drugs, hair loss medications, weight loss medications, and others. The pharmacy has all medications which can be used in the treatment of the major health complications.

The med store has fair prices. I checked the price for both brand and generic Cialis. A pill of brand Cialis will cost you $3.61. If you decide to go for a cheaper version of tadalafil and purchase generic Cialis, you will need to pay $0.76 for each pill you take home. I found the prices to be fair. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction will have the ability to purchase the medications.

The methods which takes payments are secure. The store only accepts credit cards. This means that you can dispute your payment any time you feel like you need to. You will need to own either a VISA or a Mastercard credit card for you to pay for your meds.

The delivery of purchased medications is done via 2 main methods. These are Airmail and EMS courier. The Airmail method is cheaper but takes longer. It will cost you 10 dollars. Your meds will arrive after about 14 to 21 business days. When you choose EMS courier, you will have to pay 20 dollars. This shipping method will take about 3 to 8 business days.

After medications have left Canada Pharmacy 365, they cannot be returned. The store indicates that if for any reason you are not satisfied with what you receive, you can call the drugstore customer support department and inform them your concerns. The pharmacy indicates that they will resend your product for free if you received the wrong order or a defective order.

Contacting involves using your phone or sending them an email via the contact form they have integrated on their contact page. The numbers you should use to call are +1 760 284 3222 (US) and +4420 3286 3820 (EU). The pharmacy indicates that customer support is given 24 hours a day. Reviews

Despite Canada Pharmacy 365 having been online for close to a decade and a half, it lacked customer reviews on third-party sites. I managed to locate only one customer review on a third-party site. The review was negative. I have captured it below:

Canada-pharmacy-365 Testimonial

The above reviewer states that he ordered his meds and paid for them. It has been over 2 months since he paid for the meds and he is still waiting or them. The drugstore does not answer phone calls. Also, the drugstore does not answer messages. He warns other buyers to be careful.

The reviews available on official website were all positive. I have captured a couple below:

Canada-pharmacy-365 Reviews

The first reviewer is happy. He states that he will continue ordering his meds from Canada Pharmacy 365. To the first reviewer above, is perfect in every way. Robert from the United Kingdom says that he is very satisfied with the services offered by He says the pharmacy managed to save his relationship. His meds were delivered to him in a discrete package. To Robert, Canada Pharmacy 365 has the best system. Reviews 2018

The reviews available on Canada Pharmacy 365 official site lacked dates. I couldn’t determine which reviews reflected the pharmacy operations in the current year. I have captured more testimonials below as proof that the reviews available on this pharmacy site were overly positive:

Canada-pharmacy-365 Testimonials

Carter from the USA says that he received the packages he had ordered and he is happy with the service he received from Canadian Pharmacy 365. The drugstore added 4 extra samples to his official order as a bonus. Although he does not trust online services, he will continue using He will even recommend the drugstore to his friends. Connor from Germany is pleased with the coupon offer he got. The Viagra he had ordered arrived on time. Connor reports that doing business with Canada Pharmacy 365 was great.

The reviews available on a pharmacy website will always be positive. However, this does not mean that the pharmacy is great. Some e-pharmacies will use fake reviews which look incredibly enticing to attract buyers. There is no way to distinguish a fake pharmacy from a genuine one by simply looking at its website. For this reason, I would recommend ordering medications from pharmacies which have positive reviews on third-party reviews sites. Coupon Codes

Canada Pharmacy does not have any coupon codes. However, I found some nice offers on the pharmacy official website. I have captured these below:

Canada-pharmacy-365 Offers

The first offer I noticed is the automatic 10% discount. As long as a buyer has spent 200 dollars, he or she will get a 10% discount without the need for a coupon code. The next offer available is the free shipping offer. This is also applicable to people whose meds cost them more than 200 dollars.


Canada Pharmacy 365 is one of the few drug stores with nice prices for both brand and generic drugs. Also, the drugstore has a huge catalog which makes it easier for buyers to find all their meds in a single site. The issue with the pharmacy is that it lacks positive proven reviews. The only review I found on an external site is negative. I would recommend using a drugstore that has proven testimonials to avoid receiving fake pills or nothing at all.

Sharon Hawkins

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