Awccanadianpharmacy Review – An Online Pharmacy That Makes Sure to Follow up the Reported Issues is an online pharmacy that was established in 2003 that claims to offer high-quality medications at affordable prices. AWC Canadian Pharmacy is located in Canada and it is indicated on their website that their largest number of clients reside in Ottawa, Victoria, Fredericton, Halifax, Charlottetown, Quebec City, and Regina, among others.

The medications stocked are generics which have been approved by the Indian FDA and have been sourced from reputable manufacturers. AWC Canadian Pharmacy claims that they are as effective as the medications sold in a local pharmacy and the only difference between them is the cost where sells at a lower price.

The medications have been classified alphabetically and I really love the way they have spaced out the categories to make it easy for customers to get their medication without much struggle. Some of these are Anti-Acidity, Anti-Diabetic, Antibiotics, Blood Pressure, Healthy Bones, Erectile dysfunction, Men’s Health, Skin Care, Weight Loss, and Women’s Health, among others. No prescription will be required to purchase any of the medications in these categories.

Some of the best selling medications are listed on the homepage to make it easier for customers to find them. Some of these are Viagra which is sold at $1.11 per pill, Cialis which will cost $2.07 per pill, Viagra Super Active, Female Viagra, Viagra Professional, and Viagra+ Cialis pack. It seems erectile dysfunction medications are the only best sellers at AWC Canadian Pharmacy.

The payment methods accepted at is visa card, MasterCard, Bitcoins, Western Union, and MoneyGram. If you do not wish to proceed with the order, you will have to cancel the order before it has been processed and shipped.

The shipping of medications from AWC Canadian Pharmacy can be done via Trackable Courier Service or the International Unregistered Mail and will be done to any location all over the world. Shipping via the trackable courier method will be $25 but if the medications are worth over $300, the shipping will be free. The unregistered air mail shipping method will be charged $10 but if the medications will be valued over $200, the shipping fee will not be charged.

If the medications are lost or damaged during the shipping, will either re-ship for free or provide a refund of the amount spent when purchasing the medications. If you receive the medications and you realize that the wrong product was shipped or the item is damaged or defective, you should notify within 30 days after the receipt of the drugs. You will be given the authorization to return the medications if you have not tampered with the original packaging and you will have the medications re-shipped or a refund processed.

To contact AWC Canadian Pharmacy, you can make a call using the toll-free numbers +1-347-897-0902 for the residents of the United States, or +44-0131-618-6483, or use the contact form provided on the website to send a message to the customers’ service representatives. Reviews

The available reviews on Trustpilot are negative where one customer is complaining of receiving spam emails from AWC Canadian Pharmacy despite unsubscribing from their email list so many times. The other customer complains that the medications delivered by were ineffective, unlike the pills that were given to him by his local doctor.

Awccanadianpharmacy Review

Winnie Beth Raundorf complains of being sent spam emails without her permission despite subscribing countless times from their email list. The emails are sent from different people who seem to be connected to

Awccanadianpharmacy Review Follow Up

In reply to the complaint, said that the emails were in no way connected to them. The client was asked to send proof that indeed the emails originated from which she did not. In conclusion, Winnie was asked not to regard all Canadian Pharmacies as one entity since there are many online pharmacies that bear the name Canadian.

Awccanadianpharmacy Review
Awccanadianpharmacy Review

Another unhappy customer says that he received his order and the pills were not effective at all. He went to seek help from his doctor and was given a pill so that they would establish if it is the pills from AWC Canadian Pharmacy that are not effective or it is that the pills will not work in his case. The pill from his doctor worked perfectly and when he tried to take a double to dose he is supposed to take of the pills from AWC Canadian Pharmacy 2 days later, there was still no effect.

AwcCanadianPharmacy Review Follow Up
AwcCanadianPharmacy Review Follow Up responded and asked the client to send them the order number and the date that he purchased his medications. They also promised to give a 10% discount on his next order if he quotes the words ‘trustpilot’ in his order. Reviews 2018

The most recent reviews regarding the services offered by are only available on their website and they are positive.

Jacob who is 34 years old says that he thought that the process of purchasing intimate enhancement pills online was complicated until he took a step to purchase at He says that the process was quite easy and the only reason he took longer was the wide variety of medications that he had to choose from.

Joshua also had a chance to purchase erectile dysfunction medications from He says that the process of purchasing was quite simple and the medications delivered now makes it possible for him to live a normal life.

Tyler who is 41 years says that there is a wide variety of Viagra medications to choose from and the prices are quite reasonable.

The fact that these reviews are on the website that hosts makes them unfit for use in telling if this is a trusted online pharmacy or not. It is possible that they have been compromised to create a positive image in order to win more customers.

Awccanadianpharmacy Reviews Coupon Codes

There are several discounts that customers can enjoy when making their purchases at

Free Pills Offer at awccanadianpharmacy
Free Pills Offer at

For every order that you will place at AWC Canadian Pharmacy, you will get 4 free Viagra pills.

Discounted Prices of Various Drugs
Discounted Prices of Various Drugs

Generic Viagra has a 20% discount, Viagra Professional will be sold at a 15% discount, and Viagra Super Active has a 10% discount.

Extra Bonus on Shipping of Medications
Extra Bonus on Shipping of Medications

For medications that will be worth over $150, the shipping will not be charged if they will be delivered via the regular shipping.

If the order amounts to over $300, the shipping via Express Courier will not be charged.

For all orders that are over $200, there will be a free insurance cover if they are lost or damaged during the shipping.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that has mixed reviews from customers who have been buying medications from them. Though the appearance of AWC Canadian Pharmacy and the measures that have been put in place to ensure that customers will have an easy time making their purchases guarantee customers of timely delivery of high-quality medications, there are customers who complain that the drugs do not work as they should.

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