Amerimedrx Review – An Extremely Expensive but Trustworthy Online Drugstore is one of the earliest online drugstores. This pharmacy has been offering its services on the web for a period of more than 2 decades. The drugstore started its operation back in the year 1998. The pharmacy has its physical location in Arizona, United States and mostly focuses on selling medications to people who reside in the United States and Canada. The drugstore also ships meds to a very few non-American countries which include Japan and Switzerland. has a limited catalog. This catalog is made up of meds used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, hair loss meds, weight loss medication, antiviral drugs, Skincare meds, acid reflux drugs, and sensual lubricant. All these medications have already received approval from the FDA. The buyer does not necessarily need a prescription in order to purchase medications from the pharmacy. claims to offer a free consultation where a buyer gets to speak to a qualified physician online and get a prescription.

To gauge whether is an affordable online drugstore, I decided to check its prices for ED pills. I found that a single pill of Generic Viagra 100mg is worth 49 dollars. When the buyer decides to treat ED with a brand version of Viagra, he should be prepared to part with 103 dollars for each pill. This price is not affordable at all. If a buyer is under a budget, sourcing medications at is not an option. I have found other online drug stores which sell both generic Viagra and brand Viagra at a price that is over 95% cheaper than what is selling these meds.

If any buyer is willing to pay this extremely high price for medications online, the payment methods accepted by are credit cards and Money orders. The accepted credit cards include Mastercard, American Express, Visa, and Discover. Credit cards are a great payment option especially when someone is paying extremely high prices. If a buyer fails to receive his or her medications, he can dispute the charges made to the credit cards and get the money spent back.

If a buyer wants medications to be delivered overnight, he or she has to pay a shipping charge of 26.95 dollars. for shipping that takes 2 days, buyers are required to pay 19.95 dollars while a 3-5 day shipping will cost 13.95 USD. Considering the money buyers will have to pay for their meds on, the shipping prices also appear to be extremely expensive. does accept returns. However, the product the buyer returns has to be unopened. I could not locate any information on the pharmacy site which could help me know whether the site does offer refunds for non-delivered products or damaged packages.

I found contacting to be extremely easy. The drugstore offers 24/7 customer support. They have a live chat option. I tried it out and managed to talk to a customer support agent immediately. I have captured the chat below:

Amerimedrx Live Chat

Buyers can also contact the drugstore via the email address which is [email protected] or their phone number which is 1-877-745-5779. Reviews

I searched for testimonials left by buyers who have already used to source their meds. The pharmacy had nice testimonials from an external reviews collecting website. I have captured one of the testimonials below:

Amerimedrx Review

John Myers reports that is a very affordable and reliable company. They get the customers orders right the first time. The site is a bit higher in price than other online pharmacies. However, John Myer believes in paying more for a product he knows he will receive than getting cheated by cheap sites. He says that is the site for males who are suffering from impotence and need ED pills. Reviews 2018 does not have any testimonials which have been written in 2018 by its customers. I have captured the most recent reviews for the drugstore that I managed to find online below:

Amerimedrx User Feedback

The first reviewer reports that he recently wanted to purchase Viagra on the web. His first online pharmacy choice was not taking orders. He found to be a great alternative and ordered from the pharmacy. He found the website easy to navigate and professionally designed. It was easy to order his Viagra from the drugstore. His meds were delivered by FedEx. He received brand Viagra and not generic Viagra. He reports that the only thing he can complain about is the high price.

JV reports that is a reliable company that takes time to do things correctly. The pharmacy offered him fast and friendly service which he is thankful for. After ordering his Cialis, he only had to wait for 30 hours before the meds arrived. is simple, fast and reliable to JV. Coupon Codes

When I checked whether has any coupon codes, I could not find any. The only offer I found on the drugstore is the one captured below:

Amerimedrx Offer

The pharmacy was only offering their new customers a free pill cutter. This is not something which can encourage people to order meds from a drugstore especially when it has prices as high as those that has. I was expecting some more solid offers such as a special discount or even free shipping for buyers who bought meds worth a certain amount of money.


If you are on a budget, sourcing your meds at is not a good idea. You will be forced to pay extremely high prices for meds you can get at extremely low prices at other drug stores. The pharmacy, however, is trustworthy. All the reviews I found online indicated that the drugstore usually delivers medications on time and delivers exactly what the buyers have ordered. The pharmacy accepts credit card which is the safest way to pay for meds online.

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