Copy of 199 Allgenericmedicine – Web Seller of Generic Medicines, as its name implies, is an online seller of generic products. According to its information, it is the “biggest online pharmacy store” on the web, although I am not too sure about this claim considering this is hard to verify. Even if the shop had an “about us” section, this online pharmacy did not have information concerning its inception. As for its location, according to All Generic Medicine, it is based in India and is affiliated with the leading pharmaceutical companies India (like Pfizer, Dr.Reddy’s, Wyeth, Merck, and Indian companies like Ranbaxy, Ajanta, and others), hence the 80 to 90% lower prices for the medicines on the shop.

Products available on All Generic Medicine include medicines for various clinical applications, like for instance medicines for impotence, heart disease, weight loss, pain relief, and other medical conditions. There is no information on All Generic Medicine regarding the FDA approvals of its medicines, which means that I can’t be too sure about the quality of the medicines sold by the shop. However, brand medicines found in All Generic Medicine are approved by the FDA.

Featured products on All Generic Medicine include the following:

  • Cenforce 100 mg
  • Tadacip 20 mg
  • Generic Sildenafil 100 mg
  • A-ret 0.1%
  • Kamagra Oral Jelly Week Pack

There was no mention of requiring the consumers to provide their prescriptions, so I assume that the buyers are freely able to order anything from All Generic Medicine. There was also no reminder from the shop for consumers to consult with their doctors, unlike most online pharmacies that encourage their clients to consult with their doctors first before trying to order anything from the platform.

Concerning orders, buyers may order from All Generic Medicine even without signing up, which makes it convenient for consumers to order from All Generic Medicine. Concerning payments, the store mentions Paypal, but its website somewhat reassures consumers that it is accepting VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX, and JCB.

All Generic Medicine is offering Express Mail Service and International Airmail, but the shop did not mention its rates. Express Mail takes an average of 12 business days, while the International Airmail option takes 20 business days.

The store is offering 100% money back guarantee for wrong orders, damaged orders, and ineffective items. Buyers can claim refunds and reshipments for the orders that satisfy the aforementioned conditions.

All Generic Medicine is offering live chat support but I wasn’t able to chat with a rep since the service was offline during my visit. The store offers its number, email, and Skype ID in case the live chat option is unavailable. Reviews

The store All Generic Medicine had a couple of external customer reviews available on the web, which means that the shop may have been popular with consumers in the past. Here are some of the user testimonials for this store from the past years:

All Generic Medicine Review
All Generic Medicine Review

According to one Paul Anderson, he wrote to inform the others that he was able to receive his order from the All Generic Medicine shop. Paul rated the store 5 out of 5 stars due to its staff’s helpfulness and its constant updates for his order.

All Generic Medicine Trust Pilot Reviews
All Generic Medicine Trust Pilot Reviews

Another consumer, Amy, who posted her review on another web platform, said that she received her order from All Generic Medicine within just 10 days. According to her, the medicines sent to her were correct and that overall, she had a smooth transaction with the shop. Amy rated the store 5 out 5 stars.

Dan Baugh, on the other hand, was one customer who has used the All Generic Medicine shop for 3 years. According to him, the store was always able to fulfill his order, however, there was this one time when he was sent with an ineffective product – although this was the case, the store was able to replace Dan’s order. Reviews 2018

The store All Generic Medicine also had reviews for its service from the present year. I have found a couple of buyer reviews for the shop on Trust Pilot and surprisingly, most of the reports for the store were positive:

All Generic Medicine
All Generic Medicine

According to Thomas, he’s purchased twice from All Generic Medicine and on the average, he was able to receive his order within 10 days. He recommends the use of All Generic Medicine especially by consumers in the United States.

Don Draper, like Thomas, rated All Generic Medicine 5 out of 5 for its overall performance. According to him, the customer service assistants were helpful and made sure he was able to receive what he paid for.

Although the store had good reviews, the shop did not do well on domain evaluations using third-party sites. While this is not enough to dispute the positive comments for this website on third-party web platforms. Coupon Codes

The store All Generic Medicine did not have coupons but it offered free pills to its consumers:

All Generic Medicine Deals
All Generic Medicine Deals

Customers are given double their orders on All Generic Medicine – for instance, if you order 20 pills on the store, you’ll also be given 20 free pills.


All Generic Medicine is an online drugstore based in India. It sells mostly generic products from various manufacturers and for various medical conditions. This online pharmacy has had a lot of reviews from customers and most of them were positive about the store’s service, its prices, and the quality of its products. However, customers should still deal with All Generic Medicine carefully since some online platforms deem the store unsafe to use considering its missing SSL certificate.

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