All Review – Easy and Fast Source of Online Medications Worldwide was a combination of a fulfillment center and an online pharmacy in one. Their tagline was about providing easy and fast generic and branded medicines to their customers. In their page, All Medications said that they partnered with different drug manufacturers worldwide so they can provide the cheapest medicine to their customers. They also said that their top priority was their customer’s satisfaction. The operator of this e-store didn’t disclose their personal information such as location and history.

With this e-dispensary, you can search for the medicine you need in three different ways, you can search by name alphabetically, search via the category list, or by entering the name of the medicine on the search box. They offered different types of medications such as drugs for allergies, infections, antibiotics, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar level, and erectile dysfunction. They also offered commonly used drugs like pain relievers, weight loss pills, eye drop, herbal medicines, and contraceptives.

With interest in the erectile dysfunction category, we checked what they can offer under this list. Aside from offering trial packs of erectile dysfunction medicines, they also offer it in single packs. They offered Viagra Jelly for $3.46 per pill, Viagra Super Active for $1.55 per pill, Forzest for $5.76 per pill, Malegra FXT for $4.39 per pill, and Viagra Caps for $0.76 per pill. They also offered generic Cialis for $1.05 per tablet and generic Viagra for $0.1 per tablet. The list of erectile dysfunction brands that offer was long with more than 50 brands listed. Most were generic brands from India.

Visa and MasterCard were the only credit cards accepted by this e-dispensary. They also accepted E-Check. All orders come with a money back guarantee hence in case of non-delivery, a refund request can be sent to the support team of

For shipping, two different methods were provided, a 9-day delivery via EMS and a 21-day delivery via Standard International Mail. For Standard International Mail, customers were advised to wait at least 30 days before reporting a missing order. This form of shipping was not trackable as well.

If there’s a need to contact the support team of, the numbers to dial were 888 524 7141 and 44 808 189 1420. During their run, they also had a live chat support team that answer queries plus their contact us page was always available. Reviews

For customer reviews, we found a testimonial page run by Seemingly, they didn’t have any third-party customer reviews and these are the only reviews they had.

All-medications Reviews

Mike from Chicago shared in his testimony how much he prefers calling as to chatting when ordering online. With All-medications, he did use the chat service and was happy with it. He was more surprised to see his order look exactly the same as the one in the picture on the web store.

Stephen Smith, another customer of this e-store shared the strict procedures of before accepting an order. Stephen said it was a hassle but then since it was his credit card information that they were protecting, he was just happy to oblige. Stephen considered as an honest e-store because of their strict procedure.

Lastly, Suzan shared in her testimonial that she ordered herbal products from this e-dispensary. The herbal medicine she was looking for was for losing weight and she was happy to find it from this online pharmacy.

Suzan, Stephen, and Mike are just three of the happy customers of based on their testimonials. These reviews could have been believable but the fact that it can only be found on their on-site testimonial page is already a red flag. It means that these customer reviews are biased and were probably made to make the web store appear good. Reviews 2018

As is no longer in operation in 1018, customer reviews for 2018 for this online drugstore is no longer available. Coupon Codes

Even without coupon codes during their operation, this online pharmacy still promoted its website by offering special promotions. One of their promotion that we find interesting was their 100% satisfaction guarantee offer. It means that in any case, if we are unhappy with the products delivered, then we can request for a refund or replacement.

All-medications Hot Offers

They also had hot offers. These were products that were offered at a very low price. For example, they offered generic Viagra for $0.81 per pill and generic Cialis for $1.05 per pill. Levitra was also offered at $2.13 per pill while Propecia was sold for $0.71 per pill. Customers who wanted to try their ED packs were also saving 20% according to their advertisement.

Conclusion was an internet drugstore with so many promises to their customers. They offered high-quality medicines, affordable drugs, satisfaction guarantee, money back guarantee, and support teams that were available 24/7. All of these promises were not proven as this online pharmacy didn’t have any trustworthy customer reviews.

What they had were positive testimonials that can be found on the testimonial page managed by the owner of this e-store. Because of the biases associated with on-site reviews, we do not consider on-site reviews as valid or reliable information about an e-store’s operation. had a long list of medicines to offer especially under the erectile dysfunction category. We also find their pricing, okay and their web design was simple and practical. It seems like anyone can use and order from this e-store, even those non-internet savvy individuals. With a tagline that says ‘easy and fast source of medicines’, we are still not convinced that this e-store was a reliable one.

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