Ag – Natural Ancillary Vendor Now Closed is another now-closed website under review. Like the common online drugstores, this store suddenly disappeared and left its patrons hanging without so much as giving an explanation. If you’d visit the store today, you’d be greeted by a Cloudflare error message reporting a “gateway error”. Although this commonly indicates a temporary hosting problem, the store has actually closed down and is inaccessible even via a proxy site (which usually does the trick with inaccessible websites).

Good thing that there’s data on the internet archive for AG Guys so I was able to gather information for this platform. However, before I was given access on AG Guys, the archive data showed a legal disclaimer which was shown to AG Guys’ consumers (former consumers since it’s now closed). Once I clicked the “I agree”, I was led to the website but had I clicked the other option (disagree), I’d be shooed by the shop.

There was no concrete information about AG Guys on its former site, except that it is the “#1 online natural ancillary retailer”. It looks like a steroids site but the shop claims that it does not sell steroids or other similar products and instead distributes “natural” counterparts for these items. AG Guys, however, stated in its disclaimer that its products were not approved nor evaluated by the FDA, which means that the buyers purchased and used the products on AG Guys at their own risk. The store also failed to state where it’s based and only mentioned that it’s an “offshore entity that [allowed] for maximum privacy”.

Although AG Guys did not indicate its inception date, the store had records on the internet archive from 2005 to 2017, which means that the store operated longer than the average online drugstore. However, it seemed that the store did not have enough staying power given its closed status today.

AG Guys sold only a handful of products which it grouped into 5:

  • AIs (Letrozl, Liquidex, etc.)
  • SERMs (Liquicom, etc.)
  • PDE5 inhibitors
  • Misc. Research
  • Fat Loss

The shop mostly sold liquid versions of active ingredients (like for instance Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil) instead of selling the pill versions of these products. Because this is the case, the store posted a disclaimer about these items and cautioned the buyers on the use of these items.

AG Guys accepted only credit card payments although it formerly welcomed cash or international money orders. Shipping isn’t free, but the shop did not indicate exactly how much it charges for the shipping. AG Guys, however, disclosed that its international shipping is more expensive since it’s shipping only through express.

Buyers were allowed returns and were given refunds for unopened products. Reviews

Like the common online pharmacy, the shop AG Guys had on-site reviews posted on a testimonials section in the store. Of course, the reports were positive and all the comments from AG Guys’ customers were in favor of the shop:

AG Guys Reviews
AG Guys Reviews

According to one Barry, he got his order and will order again from AG Guys because of the store’s kind and helpful customer service.

Mike, on the other hand, commented on the store’s “amazing” products and mentioned that he will “vouch” for the shop should the situation call for it.

Ashley also appreciated the store and mentioned that she had the “best online experience” using AG Guys for her drug needs.

Although I’m tempted to believe every word stated on AG Guys, I chose to be a little skeptical about these comments considering they’ve originated only from AG Guys’ site.

AG Guys Eroids Reviews

AG Guys Eroids Reviews
AG Guys Eroids Reviews

The shop surprisingly had external reviews for its service. However, AG Guys had mixed comments from its consumers – some attested to being able to receive their orders from the store, while other customers complained about being unable to receive their supplies from the shop. Reviews 2018

Although the store is closed now for some time, there were a few more reviews for AG Guys from its consumers. I found one thread for AG Guys, from one person who’s trying to order from the store:

AG Guys Discussion
AG Guys Discussion

A user, “lazer84” asked about AG Guys’ status since he can’t order from the shop in January 2018. A moderator answered him by saying that he should search the forum for more reports on AG Guys since the shop’s been unreachable for some time. Coupon Codes

As for coupon codes, AG Guys had no such offers on its store. However, the shop ran a few promotional offers every month (I’ve spotted a February and March offer on separate archive data for AG Guys) like the following deals below:

AG Guys Discounts
AG Guys Discounts

The store is offering freebies for consumers able to reach a certain order amount. For instance, those able to spend $2000 on AG Guys are given 50 free vials/bottles of their choice, which was a great deal considering medicines on AG Guys are not THAT cheap.

Conclusion is a renowned “steroids” store which claims to be selling only natural ancillary products. The problem with AG Guys is that its items are not approved nor evaluated by the FDA and are surely a risk to the consumers. Surprisingly, AG Guys had a lot of external reviews and buyer attention, but the reception for AG Guys was mixed since some users were unable to receive their orders from the shop. Still, there’s a small fraction of consumers attesting to being able to collect their orders from AG Guys. Since AG Guys is now closed, if ever you need medicines like the ones sold on AG Guys, I encourage you to use stores on our TOP Online Pharmacies list instead.

Sharon Hawkins

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