8 foods to keep you refresh this summer

When it comes the time of summer, we start thinking more about our diets and regular workouts. The more time we spend under the sun, the more thoughts are within our mind as what to drink and eat. The summer brings itself with certain problems like dehydration, constipation and much more to go like this. So, we have to be very careful in choosing our diet. In summer, we must try to avoid eating lots of food, as the digestion process works little slower, as the process is also sweaty and tired to run.

Talking about the doctors, they mostly suggest to be aware of the dehydration, skin sensitivity, vitamins and minerals deficiencies in the body, and if any problem arises, soon consult a doctor. The best option is to drink lots of water, in regular intervals of time. The summer season brings with itself lots of fruits and foods to eat like waterlemon, Mango, peaches and corn. These are very rich in vitamins and minerals and they have got a delicious taste too that you will miss in other seasons(specially mango). So, here are some foods to keep you refresh in this hot chilling summer. These fruits have got many advantages, but in this we are mainly concerned about the summer only.


It keeps you cool, hydrated, and healthy. You will not feel the thirst for about three hours after eating it. It satisfies your appetite. It contains lycopene that prevents your skin from damage. So, it is the one of the most important foods to eat this summer.


It prevents you from dehydration and also provides anti-cancer benefits.


It mostly improves skin performance and increases blood flow to the skin. It is sweet and tasty to eat.


It protects the body against inflammation. It has good mixture of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes.


It prevents cancer and dehydration.

Contains vitamins- Vitamin A and Vitamin C


It also improves skin performance, and provides glowing skin. It reduces inflammation in the body.

Contains vitamins- Vitamin C and Vitamin E


It contains 80% water, which helps you from dehydration. It contains potassium that prevents against muscle cramps.

Mint Water with Lemon

It boosts your metabolism and acts as a liver cleanser.


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