247medicines.com Review – A Fairly Expensive Vendor with no Offers or Coupon Codes

247medicines.com is a closed drugstore whose physical location was in Mauritius. The drugstore had no information on its website regarding when it was established. However, the pharmacy had the year 2010 in its copyright section. I assumed that this is the year the drugstore was founded. The medication store appears to have been online for only two years. I determined this after checking the store testimonials and finding that its most recent testimonials were written in 2012.

The pharmacy had a fairly wide catalog which included medications such as Vitamins, anxiety medications, and erectile dysfunction pills. The drugstore appears to have been offering medications which have already received approval from the FDA. I decided to determine whether the store was offering affordable medications by checking the price of its impotence pills. I only managed to locate generic ED pills on the ED category which had their origin in India. 12 tablets of Kamagra (generic Viagra) which is manufactured by an Indian pharmacy known as Ajanta Pharma would cost the buyer 40 dollars. This means that each pill was worth 3.33 dollars. This price is high. I have managed to locate online drug stores selling the same brand of generic Viagra at much lower prices.

247medicines.com had only one method of accepting payments. This was through the use of the VISA credit card. Although accepting payments via credit cards is a great thing, only limiting buyers to paying for their meds online using only one credit card is not a very great idea. This could have discouraged a large number of potential clients from ordering their meds from the drugstore.

The drugstore offered a single shipping method. This was the registered airmail. They indicated that they chose the method since it is cheaper and more reliable. Medications shipped using this method could take up to 21 days before they arrived. By the time of 247medicines.com closure, the shipping method was costing buyers 10 dollars. The drugstore indicated that all meds were shipped within two days after the order has been received.

247medicines.com was accepting returns. If the buyer received medications which had been damaged, he or she could return them and get a full refund. Also, if the buyer failed to receive the shipped medications, 247medicines indicated that they would re-ship these meds for free or offer a full refund.

Contacting 247medicines.com was not as easy as an online shopper would want it to be. The drugstore neither had a phone number nor a live chat option. The only way to contact the pharmacy was through their contact page which had a contact form integrated into it.

247medicines.com Reviews

I searched for any testimonials which could help me determine whether shopping at 247medicines.com was safe or not. The only reviews I found were available on 247medicines.com website. These reviews were all positive. I have captured a couple of them below:

247medicines.com Testimonials

Jeri is happy with the services he got from 247medicines.com. He says that the meds delivered to him had a great quality and he did not experience any problems while dealing with the drugstore. The company was reliable according to Jeri.

Deborah reports that she received her order after exactly two weeks from when she ordered her medications. She is happy since she has rated 247medicines.com 5 stars although she claims that there are times when delivery took longer.

It is very unlikely that you will ever come across an online drugstore whose testimonials page has negative reviews on it. The onsite testimonials are usually crafted by the pharmacy management in such a way that they display a positive picture of the company. This is so that you, as the buyer, can think that the drugstore offers nice services and hence place your order. For these reasons, trusting the onsite reviews present on the drugstore website is not a very wise decision since you may end up using a fake drugstore without knowing. Choose pharmacies which have positive testimonials on third-party reviews sites.

247medicines.com Reviews 2018

The most recent reviews I found on 247medicines.com were written in 2012. Also, these were positive. In order to get a better idea of whether the pharmacy is trustworthy or not, I decided to search its domain address on scamadviser.com. Here are the results that I got:

247medicines.com Scam Adviser Report

247medicines.com appeared to have a high trust rating. However, Scam Adviser indicated that it had already been threat listed. Also, the drugstore location was being hidden. For a pharmacy to be worthy of being trusted with both your money and your health, it needs to have a 100% safety rating. There were still risks involved when shopping at 247medicines.com.

247medicines.com Coupon Codes

247medicines.com did not appear to have any coupon codes or offers on its site and also on third-party websites. Considering that this drugstore had higher than average prices, people who purchase their medications online would not have had the willingness to purchase their meds from the drugstore. One thing that popular and high-quality pharmacies have in common is that they offer coupons and if they do not have coupons, they will have some special offers. You can find online drug stores on the web which have both coupon codes and special offers.


Sourcing meds from 247medicines.com appeared to have been averagely safe considering the safety rating the site has been offered by scamadviser.com. The drugstore had nice testimonials on its website. However, these are not worth trusting considering that there are numerous shops using fake testimonials to attract buyers. 247medicines.com did not offer fair prices. There are pharmacies with much lower prices than this drugstore. 247medicines.com only accepted the VISA credit card which is not a good idea when a pharmacy is serving diverse clients.

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