247-pharmacy.com Review – Online Pharmacy that is No Longer Functional

247-pharmacy.com used to be an e-pharmacy that ceased to provide pharmaceutical services. I tried accessing their website and discovered that their domain has been registered with joker.com. I searched for independent reviews as well but none were available and as a result, I turned to the web archived to see if I would be able to retrieve some information in regards to the services that were offered by 247-pharmacy.com. The earliest capture was in 2001 which is the year it was established and the latest was 2010, the year it ceased to operate.

247-pharmacy.com used to be a source of a wide variety of medications that had been classified into a number of categories including Acid Reflux, Allergy Relief, Bladder Control, Antipsychotics, Blood Pressure, Arthritis Pain, Cough, Cold, and Flu, Erectile Dysfunction, Eye Drops, Pain Relief, Women’s Health, Sexual Enhancement, Thyroid Hormone, Myasthenia Gravis, Premature Ejaculation, Muscle Relaxants, Natural Health Products, Weight Loss, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Sleeping Aids, Wart Remedies, Venereal Disease, and Kidney Disease, among others. All the meds in these categories had been approved (or said to be approved) by the FDA and customers would not be required to provide a prescription before their orders were processed.

The best sellers were also displayed on the web page and they included Generic Viagra product which was sold at $0.49 per pill, Generic Cialis which was sold at $0.59 per pill, Generic Levitra, Super P-Force, Generic Amoxicillin, Generic Zithromax, Generic Lasix, and Generic Voltaren.

When paying for the medications purchased from 247-pharmacy.com, customers would only pay via credit card. Customers were limited to placing 3 orders monthly which were not supposed to exceed $700. Customers could also use direct bank transfers to pay for their medications. Each order that a customer placed was not supposed to exceed $500 which 247-pharmacy.com claimed was for the security of the customers placing their orders.

The shipping options that the customers could choose from were the Regular Airmail which was free of charge or the Express Mail Service which would cost $40. The express shipping method was only for the shipping of orders within the European Union and would take a maximum of 5 days to have the order delivered. If the order was above $250, the shipping was free via the registered airmail method. Shipping via the registered airmail would take a maximum of 10 days for orders within the European Union and 21 days for other destinations globally. Customers were notified that if the orders were too large, they would be subdivided into different packages which would be delivered on different dates.

Customers had been given a 30 days’ money back guarantee if the medications were not delivered or were lost during the shipping. A notification had to be sent to 247-pharmacy.com so that the payment could be processed.

To contact 247-pharmacy.com, there was a toll-free number that customers would use to call the support team. There was also an email address that one would use to send a message to the pharmacy and the answer would be sent via email as well. Customers who required an urgent answer to their question would also have the option of communicating via the live support. Since it is no longer active, it is impossible to know how fast they used to respond to a customers’ question or comment.

247-pharmacy.com Reviews

I found some reviews through the way back machine in regards to the services that 247-pharmacy.com used to offer which were positive. Customers were appreciating the fast delivery of their orders and the fact that the support team kept in touch until the delivery was done.

Kim says that he was expecting to receive his order in 17 days but was surprised to get the order in only 4 days. It seems the medications were sleeping pills as he says that he is now able to sleep restfully.

Karla from the United States was afraid of placing an order from an overseas online pharmacy but was amazed when 247-pharmacy.com delivered his order in 7 days. He said that he would be a loyal customer and would also recommend them to others.

Dana had placed several orders from 247-pharmacy.com and he always had the orders delivered promptly. He adds that the prices of the medications are reasonable and he is happy that every time he needed medications, they were always delivered on time.

William adds that the services offered by 247-pharmacy.com are professional. The communication is very open and his review was an appreciation for this.

247-pharmacy.com Reviews

The reviews were from the website owned by 247-pharmacy and there was is no way we can verify that those who wrote them were actual customers. It is possible that they were written by people who are closely associated with 247-pharmacy.com such as employees.

247-pharmacy.com Reviews 2018

247-pharmacy.com is no longer operational and this means there are no current reviews. The only information that customers can access are the blog posts which are posted for educating people searching for information online. Since the blog posts have not been posted by customers, they will be irrelevant in this matter.

I checked the scam advisor report on 247-pharmacy.com and their report indicated that the website had a low trust rating and could have been unsafe for the customers who used to purchase from them.

247-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

I could not find any active coupon codes that customers buying from 247-pharmacy.com could benefit from. However, the shipping was free which a great way for the customers to save on their medications.

247-pharmacy.com Free Shipping Offer


247-pharmacy.com was a pharmacy that used to offer a wide range of medications to their customers which had been approved by the FDA. The prices were lower compared to the prices of similar medications in other pharmacies. However, due to the lack of independent reviews, it is hard to know if this was a legitimate online pharmacy or a scam website. Customers have to look for an alternative source of drugs. If you will need help in choosing the right online pharmacy to buy your medications, you can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores.

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